Current situation of trade of accessory of domestic machine tool is analysed

In last few years, equipment manufacturing industry and national defence change demand to increase, growth of fixed assets investment is longer. As the development of machine tool industry, the market of tool of machine tool accessory that covers suitably to it also appears produce and sale the development posture of two flourishing. Driving market demand is pulled move, promoted trade of machine tool accessory deeper the development of one pace. The functional component of our country machine tool already from ” small ” , ” form a complete set ” the position upgrades ” crucial ” post pays equal attention to to take seriously.

Current, development of whole of industry of machine tool tool is swift and violent, the demand of machine tool accessory fast add, space of home market development is larger. Especially in last few years, the rapid development of our country auto industry, promoting the growth of machine tool industry and demand of machine tool accessory. Current, be equal in output of water of technology of high end of accessory of our country machine tool tastes lack, basically count an import, cheap product basically produces a business by home in occupational. But in last few years, as Taiwan area product a large number of swarming into, intermediate competition of market of product of accessory of numerical control machine tool grows in intensity.

Shang Pu seeks advice from mechanical industry analyst to think, be compared with phase of plant of machine tool leader and character, measure of industry of accessories of domestic machine tool is at present more, besides one part outside state-owned company, dimensions of most business presence is lesser problem. The respect such as performance of the equipment precision that produces a business, equipment is put in the difference of certain level. Current, the main problem that industry of accessory of our country machine tool exists has new product to invest development strength sale of insufficient, product joins the level remains to rise further, company producer still needs to strengthen to product quality awareness, increase what carry product policy to on any account to adjust etc.

Seek advice according to Shang Pu release ” 2010-2013 year market research of accessory of Chinese machine tool reports ” show, current, industry of move function component is the traditional nation industry of our country, already had 40 old development histories, many 60 produce a business, below market demand, promoted the situation that prosperity of industry of tool of domestic machine tool develops, machine tool accessory is driven in powerful and prosperous market also do all one can is ongoing. Industry of accessory of our country machine tool needs to promote engineering capability ceaselessly in order to support the development of industry of tool of whole machine tool.