Zoology environment ministry hangs out his shingle formally plan 3 years to call 7 big campaign

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On April 16 morning, new established zoology environment department hangs out his shingle formally.
Plan of structural reorganization of epicycle the State Council puts forward, establish zoology environment department, withhold environmental protection ministry no longer. Program says, establish zoology environment department, the duty of environmental protection ministry, the country develops and reform committee should change to climate and reduce an obligation, of ministry of land natural resources supervise prevent groundwater to pollute duty, water of management of setting of the division into districts of function of work out water of irrigation works ministry, sewage draining exit, catchment environmental protection duty, the pollution of source of face of supervisory guidance agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture administers duty, the ocean environment of national ocean bureau protects duty, north of the water austral the State Council moves project committee office south area of project of project of water north attune environmental protection duty is integrated, establish zoology environment department, form a department as the State Council. Li Ganjie of minister of environmental protection ministry is appointed to be minister of ministry of environment of zoology of the first to be appointed to an office.
According to central affirmatory task, new the major campaign that established zoology environment department will call 7 marks sex 3 years in future, include to hit win blue sky to guard battle, hit good derv van to pollute processing, city integrated processing, the Yangtse River protects processing of system of black smelly water, Bohai Sea battle of assault fortified positions of processing of pollution of country of protection of ground of repair, fountainhead, agriculture, ensure 3 years time gets effective apparently. To 2020, make main contaminant discharges gross to decrease considerably, zoology environment quality is overall improvement.