“Two duty ” carry out pair of plastic enterprises to affect geometry

From April since, companion begins to collect as environmental protection duty and value added tax will reduce the message spread of 1% , the change of policy also arouses acuteness echo inside course of study, so two duty of “ of ” carry out, what kind of effect can you produce to plastic industry after all?
Above all for environmental protection duty, ” environmental protection tax law ” 2018 the beginning of the year is carried out, the regulation in tax law, environmental protection duty is declared by the quarter, environmental protection duty greeted first to ask for in April period. “ expends ” to change the purpose with “ duty the mainest ” is not to get finance income, build much platoon of enterprise of a “ to pay tax more however, little platoon is little pay tax the mechanism of ” , force through rigid taxation transition of company of tall pollution, high-energy cost upgrades. Be opposite as the country in recent years the attention of environmental protection, enterprise aborning is answered actively to each requirement of environmental protection, the it is better to normative sex to carry out polyolefin trade impact of environmental protection duty is not at present big, so the expropriation because of environmental protection duty can raise company cost considerably, then marry again arrives the view of the product does not hold water.
From value added tax for, rose on May 1, 2018, wait for manufacturing industry tax rate of industry value added tax from 17% fall to 16% , traffic is carried, the tax rate of value added tax of the goods such as industry and the produce such as Wu of be convinced of report of building, foundation from 11% fall to 10% . Value added tax is reduced 1% , to polyolefin product ton for the product that valence controls about 10 thousand yuan, every tons have 100 yuan or so about according to difference of different price of value added tax.
Early days was reduced in value added tax April, market action is shown gradually, be based on the change of value added tax, venture of money of market store up is reduced relatively, be based on home overhauled concentration May, crop decreases, market bottom props up more sufficient anticipation, partial middleman meets comfortable price supply of goods purchases stock, the plan comes May shipment, there will be 100 yuan when those / or so tons agile operation space, and the bottom that follow a month draws near, partial businessman quote begins to appear that month make out an invoice and the price that make out an invoice differred twice in May.
Integrated and character, the expropriation of environmental protection duty reachs prices to change to trade cost influence not quite, but value added tax is reduced 1% in tax rate change has sex period the market has a part to operate a circumstance to appear neatly, supply of goods of the link on the circumstance that store up goods released in May in April or certain level is supplied slant tight situation, and in trend prices, be based on current and plastic supply and demand to contradict to be highlighted stage by stage, value added tax is reduced 1% , will have certain inhibition to plastic price.