The president before the Central Bank: 10 years Chinese economy increase rate is in future 6% the left and right sides

The Sino-US trade friction that warms up continuously brings calorific intense to discuss on the forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle this year. 9 days, national finance and Li Yang of development lab director are accepting the speak bluntly when ending extensive network reporter is interviewed, the United States blames adverse balance of trade at China blankety-blank, chinese economy depends on degree to already was reduced considerably external, won’t yielding at American pressure, china will have reforming and opening steadily according to his pace.
Li Yang points out, since 1971, american deficit is followed like the shadow namely row, blame adverse balance of trade at China blankety-blank. His speak bluntly: “ actually the one party of deficit from had not changed since 1971, this just has profit correspondingly Germany, Japan is waited a moment, ceaseless metabolic part, is you blame this thing on Chinese head to there is a truth? Since you are long-term, one party of persistent adverse balance of trade, ought not to you sum up home what to problem there is? ”
In fact, this already was the United States moves “301 the 6th times to investigate ” to Hua Qi, li Yang thinks, relatively at 5 times China accepts an agreement or compromising before, face investigation this, chinese circumstance has changed somewhat, won’t make concession consequently.
Main reason depends on, nowadays China external depend on degree already unlike is tall in that way in the past. Li Yang says to reporter citing, at the beginning of this century, gross of Chinese imports and exports occupies GDP proportion to be as high as 66% for a time, 3 minutes of the world have “ secondly ” , count level external tall, china is so right at that time the pressure of commerce punish is hard susceptive. “ had changed nowadays, amount of Chinese imports and exports occupies GDP proportion to be less than 30% , this has comparatived low, not be special any more be afraid of others to make what motion to us (degree) . ”
To capital outflow problem, li Yang expresses, need not be anxious overly. He points out, chinese foreign exchange reserve is main by account is accumulated and often come, account of capital of percussive of easy generation of and rather than. “ looks from the state of current account and capital account, we can endure percussive to bear now force should be compared a lot of bigger before. ”
Since Sino-US trade friction upgrades, all circles pays close attention to this attrition influence to Sino-US money market generally. Li Yang expresses during forum, believe each just can keep sensible, do not make trade war spreads to exchange rate battle. He expresses, wave motion of dollar exchange rate is increased, the RMB basically should keep stable to one basket money.
In the discussion that chafes in Sino-US to this commerce, japan often becomes ” of “ lessons drawn from others’ mistakes, the lesson of ” of “ square agreement still is before. “ our affirmation won’t tread again in those days Japanese the track of an overturned cart, in those days Japan and United States wage trade battle, what be in the United States is oppressive fell to be increased large-scaly the exchange rate of yen, make 20 years of ” that Japan had a ” to lose. ” Li Yang says.
And besides trade friction, 2018, trend of American monetary policy also will affect global economy. Beautiful couplet store add breath can you deny insecurity of aggravate China fluidity? Can be China denied add subsequently breath? Li Yang expresses to the reporter, american monetary policy is right of China outside spill impact is existence, but China is put in amortize space to exterior concussion, won’t follow American blindly follow suit. In China legal reserve interest rate still is in below the circumstance of higher level, china need not use interest rate and move legal reserve to lead achieve amortize result. ]