Taste without Yin Liang magnify again action! Opened the market giving birth to delicacy with domestic the biggest whole world this

Of MUJI new retail play a law to emerge in endlessly ~   as the box city is in the unripe Xian Chao such as Ma Xiansheng, super species, 7Fresh, Su Xiansheng domestic mad position, begin to enter the life of people, the consumption that changes people is used to and consume kind, brand of another Japan quick style also lifts to concern the revolution of market giving birth to delicacy. . . MUJI is in all the time each respects seek basic necessities of life him breakthrough, just flew complete ball in the city on Shenzhen difficult job January this year hotel of the first MUJI. On March 20, MUJI opened a supermarket in Japanese Osaka again, the market with so-called the biggest whole world. MUJI whole world gives birth to fresh food first times MUJI of   of monopolistic field   attends a meeting from last year march after market industry, there is Le Ding in Tokyo after inn head layer is pilot, one year is lain between when, enter again be stationed in north of of Aeon Mall of superhigh of Osaka person discharge to spend cropland shop, gave the MUJI market with the biggest area of this whole world. This feeds ” to give priority to the MUJI shop of the problem with “ , is special place reflected be in? 1. The area is quite large: Cover an area of about 4300 smooth rice   24 bar receiving silver are set inside inn, among them 1/2 is machine of self-help settle accounts. Shop design style still uses consistent warm log lubricious goods shelves, and contracted and downy lamplight is scenic. 2. Introduce the whole world first food giving birth to delicacy is monopolistic field   a variety of 300 products compared with Le Ding inn, the area that this inn has an in part is food giving birth to delicacy sell, the of all kinds product giving birth to delicacy such as flesh of sale fresh fish, essence, fruit, vegetable, it is completely those who come from all sorts of producing area to send continuously is fresh feed capable person, share 4000 kinds of products. The price of stone porgy fish that for instance island of a heart produces 2980 yen (make an appointment with RMB178.08 yuan) , fancy beef of palace Qi county 1404 yen of every 100g price (make an appointment with RMB83.9 yuan) . 3. The cate square   that provides spot treatment sells in food field is own after choosing to feed capable person, you still can choose to let chef undertake the spot is machined, sample raw slices of fish meat, bake or the black Mao Heniu that county of the pork that decoct Okinawa produces, Gong Qi produces is waited a moment. 4. Offer a variety of abstaining cooked food and drink   client besides can be beyond have dinner of Cafe&Meal MUJI dining-room, still can order meal in cate square, include a variety of self-restrained cooked food such as rice served with meat and vegetables on top of barbecue meal, seafood, biscuit and beverage mug-up, seat of 48 have dinner is set on cate square. Price of rice served with meat and vegetables on top of day type barbecue 980 yen (make an appointment with RMB 59 yuan) , price of seafood rice served with meat and vegetables on top 1680 yen (make an appointment with RMB 100 yuan) . 5. Offer the customer that arrange classroom   has fun at to cooking, still can sign up attend arrange classroom, learn to do arrange. More than it is market   so big an inn, have market not merely of course, is area of other in part taken what to do? Look the following this piece of graph. Differentiated 15 area, every area has clear label, ordinal be: ¥ (counter) , child (children area) , if really (fruit area) , swim (Playing) , be good at (health and hairdressing) , dish (green is vegetable) , give (gift area) , brigade (travel) , fish (fish) , sweep (. . . . . . MUJI decides to roll out MUJI Marché (market) means of this kind of sale, it is to want to increase store quality and class, let people can buy the food of high-grade health in MUJI. Hope at the same time have the aid of this project, spark the imagination that people produces a course to food, draw the connection between close produce generator and consumer, advocate more healthy lifestyle. The 2017 money that announce according to tasting parent company fine to taste a plan without Yin Liang year Q3 money newspaper shows, the sale grows 7.1% compared to the same period, its ascribe “ adjusts the price that is central commodity with life groceries to make the sale has growth ” . Among them East Asia career group (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea) quarterly battalion receives amount to be 25.78 billion yen, grow compared to the same period achieved 28.9% , occupy battalion total camp to close 26.6% , and the battalion of Japanese native land market closes to grow to have 5.7% only compared to the same period. Taste a company to found without Yin Liang up to now nearly 40 years, store of more than 800 doors is owned in the whole world nowadays, there are 200 in China among them. Will taste a plan to meet without Yin Liang with annual 30 add fast, layout China 2, 3 lines city. According to ” day classics news ” message, fine tastes a plan to arrive the end of the year opened Home 4—5 area newly to control flagship store in 3000 ㎡ in China 2019, increase the whole world considerably the flagship store amount of the biggest overseas market. At present Chinese inland already had of great capacity of Shanghai the Huaihe River store of flagship of the city on difficult job of store of 755 flagship store, the flagship in Chengdu ocean remote antiquity and Shenzhen. Cross a bound to breed ” of “ new species, enclothe MUJI of   of   of of basic necessities of life to begin from 2014 in the round, with respect to the product value of market of perpetual all the time land of the home in reducing, started the 8th times January depreciate in the round, predict to be able to be in the most quickly implementation is Sino-Japanese and basic this year with valence, have two this years all the time a series of big movement:   of 1.MUJI HOTEL   in December 2016, MUJI announces formally to march hotel business, was in Shenzhen in January 2018 MUJI HOTEL of global head home, also be the whole world store of first collect flagship + dining-room + hotel the project of “ three-in-one ” at an organic whole, the price is in 950-2000 yuan MUJI HOTEL affirmatory price does not follow festal wave motion; According to authoritative information, the 2nd MUJI HOTEL will be in the whole world this summer at practice of Beijing big boom, the 3rd can be in 2019 spring in Japanese silver kick off.   of 2.MUJI DINER   on June 3, 2017, taste without Yin Liang MUJI Diner of global head home will be opened to taste eat hall without Yin Liang in Shanghai.   of 3.MUJI Marché market   on July 28, 2017, MUJI has Le Ding in Tokyo new start business, added vegetable fruit to sell, still guide MUJI hut. A variety of 300 produce come from place sale entirely the farm of 1000 leaves county of Tokyo outskirts, so-called it is production what any agriculture chemical do not use completely in the process is pure natural should season food, there still is edible method proposal on outer packing. 4.   of   of engaging the load of only convenience store falls on the line on September 6, 2017, the net of MUJI buys commodity to begin to be able to facilitate in Japanese whole nation inn engaging the load, include convenience inn of family, OK, Sunkus, Daily Yamazaki, Three F to wait reach many 25000 convenience store. MUJI HOUSE of   of 5.MUJI HOUSE   (old house is transformed) it is the project that was born 2003, from at the beginning overhaul is rental apartment, begin to build a house to these a few years, rolled out ” of “ Home Mu Zhi, the domestic ” of “ face, the example room such as the domestic ” of “ window, home ” with vertical “ . And this project future also is met Chinese be born is executed. Summary: Of MUJI cross a boundary already include basic necessities of life each respects, want to make the brand of a kind of lifestyle of consumer, MUJI pays attention to “ to feed ” respect more, eat thing must tropic to fall, ability gains better experience. Can see from inside the new project of sortie of MUJI every time place, the change of MUJI is not simple mix build, not be an inn of simple a gather more, the fine that carries pair of brands and consumptive crowd however follows fixed position, those who allow each project is complete degree reach the level that can open onefold door store as far as possible, make consumer right the brand fixed position of MUJI is having clear understanding and attention, derive the development that crosses a boundary thereby. 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