Should economic depression bumf rise in price? Tide of bumf scare buying is lifted inside the island

The bumf inside the island considers rising in price, cause tide of people scare buying. The analysis thinks, this report faces economic depression, the people anticipates the panicky state of mind of pouch shrink.
Research organization data shows paper of international major oar, price of long in December 2017 minute is every tons of 910 dollars about, short fine price is every tons of 795 dollars about, achieve the history to be nodded high, annual pulp price rises amount to 45% . As we have learned, a bag of family expenses installs bumf to be money of 200 yuan of new stations about now in Taiwan, after tone goes up, the most expensive meeting achieves 260 yuan. Message, many citizens run to bumf of supermarket scare buying store up goods. According to combining news network 25 days to report, walk into Yun Lin to sell field, quantity to peddle inn greatly each, almost every shopping car has one box toilet paper, the consumer with swift underhand method bought 34 box; Supermarket staff member is wanting filling money, the box that join paper has not enough time to tear open, be taken away by the people, although fill ceaselessly goods, but on goods shelves as before absolutely empty. And the people that cannot buy toilet paper complains why “ still doesn’t fill ceaselessly goods ” , somebody is flat the station does not agree to leave before goods shelves, wait for staff member filling goods. Kaohsiung also appears the stream of scare buying bumf, somebody is whole go-cart stack bumf, cannot see a person almost.
Besides hypostatic shop, the shop on the net appears as much scare buying is current. Many netizens one old early in the morning gets online bumf of choose and buy, although want to wait for more than 10 talents to get money also will not grudge, many net inn show “ sells out nowadays the ” in filling goods or “ sell the word such as one empty ” . The netizen that has more leave a message on the net say, “ never thinks of to be able to have one day when cannot buy toilet paper, doomsday? ”
Zhu Xueheng of Taiwan network a favourite by sb in power 25 days of dispatch speak say, “ everybody has done the likelihood to go up the nightmare that the toilet does not have bumf, report just can turn bumf of this kind of scare buying into ” of your work battle in reality. His figure ground will the analogy crouchs Kerr to engrave big retreat ” for “ . Li Laixi criticism says director of association of personnel of full station official business, if “ provides even toilet paper bad, what does the government that wants this look do? Business management of university of ” Dong Hua learns a department to teach Chi Wenhai analysis to say, because,causing scare buying tide is on one hand of the people with from psychology, but from the point of another level, also can mirror a common people the phenomenon such as backwater of level of uncontrollable to authorities prices, pay senses exceeding uneasiness.
The ” of “ times strength that is green battalion with respect to along with also cannot help phonating critical Democratic Progressive Party. This party “ stands appoint ” Xu Yongming says 25 days on facial book, actually not merely bumf, ten relevant products such as the paper that link a range and hutch paper go up overall tone, fear causing people scare buying further the circumstance of these daily requisite, and course of study person release rise in price information has gone several days, service however investigation of propaganda to the enemy at the front line, do not see real operation gain, the people is forced to be relieved from force first, can anticipate scare buying upsurge still can go down continuously, of “ service senior office or officer one day uses toilet paper is place of the pubic branch is bought for the most part, where to know litre bottle small civilian the feel sad ” of scare buying bumf. His speak bluntly, ” of “ administration courtyard must not be despised, make errant toilet paper otherwise, let the people one paper is begged hard, hold the political party also does not miss extravagant hopes vote in one’s hand. Navy retires peaceful benefit of lieutenant general orchid is problem dispatch 25 days to say from the ” of common feelings of people with flimsy bay of bleachers of scare buying bumf with “ , bumf course of study person announced a few days ago the fastest the middle ten days of a month rose in price in March, cause people scare buying instantly, “ is bumf already became such ” in disorder this. American aid stage is more ambiguous now, if have what a sign of disturbance or trouble really, north of the change austral not complete island escapes traffic jam, the world big chaos, does the common feelings of people with so flimsy “ still need in all army to station start a fight? ”