Shenyang machine tool vigorously promote “5 d smart valley” “Shared machine tool system is yet to be perfected

Nearly period of time, about the shenyang machine tool & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;News is overwhelming.Could be heard all over the country, about & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;Message, or project is under negotiation, or projects have been the ground.Learned, 5 d smart valley is i5 intelligent machine tools as the core, the combination of local government, to build the i5 intelligent machine Internet + + industry financial + big data + remanufacturing of intelligent manufacturing sharing platform.& other;5 d smart valley & throughout;Is based on the shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent machine, smart factory introduced new ideas & other;Products throughout the &;.5 d refers to the so-called Dnc (Digital system), Data (Data), Digital (Digital), OnDemand (to live) and Diconomy (Digital economy), & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;A number of major construction intelligent factory and & otherSix centers throughout the &;, that is, industry research center, training center for training practice, intelligent detection center, industry data cloud center, intelligent experience center and manufacturing center, integration of upstream and downstream enterprises to gather, for regional customers order settlement, machine connected to the Internet, online design, technology support, such as a complete set of services and solutions, to realize intelligent ecological sharing.In recent years, shenyang machine tool through the core technology breakthrough, walked out of a from the i5 intelligent machine tool products to the intelligent factory, from smart factory to & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;And from & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;To the i5 intelligent manufacturing ecological system of intelligent manufacturing new pattern.Now, a new business model has gained the backlash on the market.At present, jiangsu JianHu, jiashan, zhejiang, liaoning FengCheng 10, represented by the local government has intelligent manufacturing valley construction agreement and shenyang machine tool.So far, JianHu, Zhong Xiang, jiashan, shiyan, ma on shan has five smart valley project, involved in industries including automotive, new energy vehicles, petroleum machinery, aerospace components, energy-saving light source, robot parts, wind power, pump industry, semiconductor, pv, reducer, and other fields.A source says, recently, nantong of jiangsu province some high-tech zone and shenyang machine tool group co., LTD. Signed a cooperation agreement, to build shenyang machine tool & middot;Some & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;Reached cooperation, intelligent machine tools as the core, the intelligent plant as the carrier, the two sides to develop high-end intelligent manufacturing demonstration base, increase some industrial foundation supporting capacity and surrounding areas.The project total investment 300 million yuan, of which the equipment investment is 120 million yuan.Project will revitalize the original method leite co., LTD., jiangsu area in the zone and the interior decoration and equipment approach will be conducted at the same time, in the near future is expected to begin in June.At that time, there will be 300 machine tools in some high-tech zone.After the project into, will strive to build intelligent sharing manufacturing base.Shenyang machine tool group received orders from elsewhere, if enough time in the local production, you can put such as east and production;On the other hand, if in some received orders to production, can also go into other parts of the production.In addition, by machine tool & other;Sharing & throughout;Boot, pay mode, lack of money is a good way to break through the entrepreneurs, the lack of platform of barriers.Sharing economy has spread to all walks of life, with the advantage of sharing mode, for more than three years, shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent machine orders received more than 20000 sets, factory signed more than 50 national intelligence, smart signing for nine valley, created a miracle sales pace.However, currently on the market more than 20000 i5 intelligent machine, only 11000 tsu into & other;Sharing platform & throughout;More than half of, there are still not connected to the Internet.After some business owners worry about technology sharing will be stolen.Shenyang machine tool group chairman said GuanXiYou & other;For the future, intelligent manufacturing is the inexorable trend.Throughout the &;And how to implement in the trend & other;Really sharing & throughout;, achievement & other;True throughout the economy &;, you also need to further perfect the credit system and improve the basic facilities construction and clear machine measurement rules before.At present, shenyang machine tool to & other;Zero down payment & throughout;Give customers the machine rental, in the form of charge by the hour or by processing capacity.At present, shenyang machine tool is exploring how to use & other;Flow throughout the &;Settlement, based on data transmission back to the machine’s operation, work out the industry recognized standard of settlement, make chinese-made master say, build new industrial development of new formats.(this article source workers daily, this small make up finishing.)(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)