Sadly arisen green express

Recently, ” express is provisional byelaw ” come on stage, emphasize promoting industry green to develop, the company that urges management express business and sender are used but degradation, but the environmental protection of repeated usageThe material that pack, the company that urges management express business adopts measure to reclaim the express material that pack, those who realize the material that pack decrease quantify use and recycle. Current, china is the country with the biggest portfolio of the express on the world.
Express business grows at full speed, also brought while convenience people lives excessive pack, circular utilization rate a series of problems such as pollution of low, environment. Accordingly, development green express takes the line of vision of people gradually, become the topic that social all circles pays close attention to more and more.
Express amount world the first
In recent years, chinese express line of business is swift and violent develop, express portfolio ranks the world 4 years continuously the first, become our country to serve the main component of course of study. Release data according to national post office, 2017, countrywide express serves company portfolio accumulative total to finish 40.06 billion, grow 28% compared to the same period.
The rapid development of “ express line of business is the much element such as demand, technology, mode, manpower and establishment the result of joint action. Couplet of Hong Qun of deputy researcher of place of industry of academy of ” China macroscopical economy says to author analysis, look from demand, as economy development and income level rise, the diversification demand that people tastes to global business increases ceaselessly;
Look from the technology, the deepness of Internet and mobile Internet technology is permeated, it is OK to make generator and consumer pass the mobile terminal such as mobile phone, computer “ buys the whole nation, sell the whole nation ” ; Look from mode, b2B(company is right enterprise) , the person that B2C(enterprise offset is expended) , fall to the line on O2O(line) wait for emerge in large numbers of pattern of of all kinds trade, electronic business affairs becomes assemble a large number of commodity and the platform that serve resource; Look from manpower, our country has the able-bodied person with a large number of inferior cost, offerred main essential factor to prop up for express line of business; Look from establishment, in recent years the infrastructure such as our country highway, railroad, airport and network gets great improvement, ensured the seasonable sex that express serves.
However, the stock that rapid development brings express line of business is used up and the problem such as pollution is increasingly serious. Calculate according to concerning data, countrywide express line of business needed 19.2 billion to use up the box that pack 2017, textile bag 5.8 billion, Polybag15 billion, adhesive plaster 30 billion meters. If press every roughly express the calculation of the material that pack that uses 0.1 kilograms, china can produce the express of 4 billion kilograms of above every year to pack rubbish.
“ is current, line of business of our country express exists generally excessive pack, lack reclaims to manage and package data in great quantities one-time use wait for a problem, not only create resources waste, and generation volatilizes in great quantities organic matter and solid litter, cause to environment of atmosphere, natural environment pollute and damage what not allow to ignore. Couplet of ” Hong Qun expresses.
Green is packed advance lag
The green of express packs a problem to get increasing attention. But because drag in main body is more, if be in charge of businessman of business of branch, express, network, consumer to wait, driving green express to develop is project of a system, need to be coordinated as a whole, advance in order.
The environmental protection consciousness of the everybody in “ life is stronger and stronger, but the process is bought in the net in, most express is packed is by sell the home to finish, is not choose actively by consumer. ” lives in the precious of consumer king jade of Hainan to say, “ needs express to wait for out-of-the-way zone time to Hainan especially, sell the home to still can add consolidate material to assure express safety normally, can use the more data that pack so. ”
The Hu Wanxia that comes from Beijing is a part-time job cleans out treasure to sell the home. Because deliver goods the amount is not large, in the sale service process in two years many, she uses the packing case that already accepted express delivery circularly as far as possible, replace with useless old newspaperPlastic packEtc, reduce express to pack the negative effect that causes to the environment. Nevertheless, this kind the individual reclaims the means that use still can’t form benign loop chain.
Close in express company in sending a process, the staff member can wrap a few almost negligible cost more sometimes not plan adhesive plaster, lest cause express damage, and the environmental problem that goes wanting to be brought from this rarely. In director branch level, although line of business of a few stimulative express is healthy,the policy of development comes on stage in succession, business of a few express is used more the packing material of environmental protection, but advance the job to still compare lag on the whole.
Development of “ green express faces a few predicament and challenge, from go up at all tell, because we are not deep to green development understanding,be, standard of environmental protection of express line of business is not perfect, relevant superintendency act still has vacancy. ”
Hong Qun couplet thinks, main reason has:
It is green packing cost exorbitant, a few zoology but the degradation price that pack is 4 times what pack commonner, quite one part company won’t choose cost actively to hold high but degradation packing.
2 it is level of environmental protection technology remains to break through, packing difficult degradation, unmanageable, the pvc such as bag of a large number of scotch tape, air, polybag includes in express packing kind product, if use,fill bury craft, need time ability degradation about a hundred years; If use,burn craft, have generation 2 flower the risk that waits for Gao Wei contaminant.
3 it is deserted pack reclaim the circumstance is not hopeful, at present express paper box reclaims do not lead 20% .
With all possible means linkage forms resultant force
Governmental working report puts forward this year, should drive a net to buy, express health develops.
Develop the green express with friendly environment, each Founder is acting actively, form resultant force hard. This year January, general office of the State Council is released ” the opinion that general office of the State Council develops in coordination about advancing electronic business affairs and express content to flow ” , emphasize aggrandizement green concept, stimulative resource intensive, promotion green is packed, drive green to carry with deserve to send;
In Feburary, level of total bureau of national qualitative check, state appoint approval releases new castigatory ” express encloses things ” series state level, appropriate of the requirement express bag that pack uses biology degradation plastic, reduce white pollution. Include capital east content of fast carry, Su Ning sheds content shedding, suitable abundant a few content that wait inside shed an enterprise to also take step, undertake optimize and be adjustmented from the respect such as technology and operation flow, pack in order to promote express green.
“ promotes green express development, need rises and deepen the understanding that whole society develops to green. Couplet of ” Hong Qun suggests, on this foundation, want to build system of quota of the perfect green that pack, timely publish environmental protection to restrain sexual standard, build system of green packing attestation, guide company of enterprise, express, dweller to use green packing, encourage express company to use compact pack; Supportive industry technology innovates, the express box that development can reclaim, share the box that pack, develop more the packing material of environmental protection;
Accelerate advance rubbish classification, clear classification category, put in, control use, deal with the requirement that waits for a respect, implementation express litter centers essence of life to allow to handle; Exploration builds converse content of express industry “ to spread ” mechanism, encourage express packing reclaims while the company sends express, stimulative packing repeated usage and litter reclaim deal with.