Price of oar of merchandise on hand go up somewhat raise, whether trend attention businessman is run

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1, macroscopical level
Economic data: Change the curve asks scan of contrast of couplet of the paper in consulting in detail
Line of crude price K pursues: Relative to smooth phase, update reference every week
? Tax rate of industry value added tax waits for manufacturing industry since May 1 from 17% fall to 16% , value added tax is reduced 1% , papermaking and total of profit of paper products line of business promote 8.84% , it is good to make profit to papermaking course of study.
? Sino-US trade conflict upgrades once more, on April 5, beautiful president issues statement, the consideration is again right 100 billion dollar of Chinese exports commodity to add impose custom duty, china will be none hesitant, great strength strikes back and adopt new answer measure integratedly.
? Burgeoning economy system develops forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle 2018 year report: Predict the posture that in the near future E11 economy grows the high speed in maintaining, but the pressure that goes up considerably is greater, and do not eliminate the possibility of individual country occurrence economic depression; Chinese GDP is added about this year 6.5%
2, raw material cost
1.  Coal: At the beginning of April, dynamical coal price continues to maintain bottom to move, price of 5500 kilocalorie coal from the 750 fall after a rise at the beginning of Feburary 600 yuan / ton the following, be in the bottom area that 3 months come to.
2.  Oar of merchandise on hand: Quotations of price of the oar at the beginning of April is monitored, at present oar of merchandise on hand still is given priority to with just needing, but the businessman rose in price recently the desire increases, with outside dish rise ceaselessly about, oar of broad part of a historical period of Hua Dong market had occurrence 100-150 recently yuan / ton on raise, needle leaf oar also is carried somewhat brace up.
3.  Outside dish oar: Outside importing wood pulp April dish continue to carry go up, oar of Indonesian broadness leaf rises 20 dollars / ton, oar of Russia needle leaf also appears fill go up, brazil leads a wandering life birdie of eucalyptus wood pulp relatively on annulus raise price 10 dollars.
3, paper industry head
1.    Share of red-crowned crane of enterprise of bibcock of paper of domestic special type open is new on April 9 explain buy, linage of the hair on the net measures 18.6 million.
2.    Yunnan cloudland forest life of 60 thousand T/a uses paper Inc. paper extend project first phase project of 24 thousand T/a already was started in March 2018, the project plans in May 2019 complete.
3.    Market of paper of 3-4 month whole slants gentle, of manufacturer rise in price drive mirror calm in the market, fail to cause last year of the corresponding period rise in price offensive, it is more and more difficult that paper trade reflects gain generally, estimation of this market feature can be met last for some time.
4.    Go up drop frequent a kind of condition that is price of 3-4 month waste paper, around 100-200 yuan / ton interval, go up a few days to drop a few days, capricious, go up drop frequent, authority of speech of mill of this phenomenon and policy of waste paper import, paper accuses, waste paper reclaims the system is immature, artificial element and pack presswork a lot of element such as demand is concerned.