Presswork 2 dimension code lets an archives be on the move safer and convenient

This year two meetings, 2 dimension code appears in home page of governmental working report again, the reader needs to sweep a code only, the key work achievement that with respect to can relaxed understanding the government comes 5 years.
The archives regards government organization administration as the important information carrier of office, in be on the move be opposite in the process regional, sensitivity, accuracy, seasonable sex, but the respect demand such as date from sex is higher. relatively at at present the archives is on the move in more use one dimension bar code, 2 dimension code can solve afore-mentioned problems on certain level.
The archives is on the move limitation of process middling need communicates limits. Traditional file distributes kind is add up to clerk collect file by each unit put together, undertake distributing according to the content of the file again, this kind of means brings about a file extremely easily to distribute a person to divulge information. It is OK that 2 dimensions pile up have the aid of the principle of memory information, can store the sensitive information in the archives through imposing close kind in 2 dimension code, ensure sensitive information is sightless in distributing a process, and the reads personnel to need scanning to presswork to go up in the archives only 2 dimension code that the archives assigns can decode content to get information.
Government organization staff member is in in writing article process, constant need is arranged and cento differs the content of the archives, be used at policy comb the evidence with theory. Because the archives releases mechanism informatization construction is uneven, ensure the channel that gets textual electron edition hard expedite, often provide paper only or blame can edit file reference. Staff member must manual cento character, the burden is very heavy. 2 dimension pile up have the aid of the principle of memory information, can the content the article or appoint release link memory to be in 2 dimension matrix, implementation resource is on the move along with the file.
The to archives content accuracy demand in the government organization is extremely high, article transcribe requirement and textual a word is not poor. However, to the staff member of school of responsible content nucleus, implementation difficulty is very great. A lot of valuable articles cannot be in get from channel for a short while, some offer paper document only even. Although OCR technology can undertake graph article identifies, but the burden that also can reduce transcribe of staff member handiwork on certain level only, content nucleus school still needs to consume a large number of labor power. 2 dimension pile up have the aid of memory information principle, can store the digital summary of the article in 2 dimension code. Be in charge of the staff member of content nucleus school, the content that needs to will be not channel to get only and textual number summary undertake contrast, can judge content to whether agree.
Government organization staff member handles a large number of documents everyday, once appear,the archives handles not seasonable case, need investigates the duty of the person that deal with. Sometimes, the person that the person that meeting occurrence file is distributed and file are carried out mutual shuffle, decide liability case hard. 2 dimension pile up have the aid of the principle of memory information, can undertake an archives sweep a code to be on the move, the transmission that realizes an archives traces to the source.
Current, the government organization adopts internal office system more (OA) is on the move archives. According to the relevant requirement of national network safety, OA system needs to be kept apart with Internet. And go out personnel falls in network segregation circumstance, cannot give processing the opinion in real time, this also is one of accounts with conduction lengthy cycle of gear civil service. 2 dimension pile up have the aid of the principle of memory information, combinative information adds secret technology, can let a staff member handle a document at any time and place, ensure the safety of the information in public network is convenient deliver.