Paper value does not suffer difficult anticipation of market control, fluctuate

Will rise November from last year, base paper price by every tons go up 3000 yuan to every tons more than yuan 6000, the price broke up one time, the insanity of paper value, bring greater pressure to relevant industry. Essence of life calculates fruit jobber fruit price ability not box of lose money in business, waste paper reclaims business is staring at a mobile phone to look at paper value rise and fall everyday is business of plant of box of “ perturbed ” , a few large paper completely in the heart be enraged ” when paper value is fluctuant even by “ plywood. Face rise in price brought pressure, each industry employer can be used only rise in price will assure income, come so, the cost that all addition, still buy sheet by consumer.
[the market is visited] paper box reclaims valence “ fell to go up again ”
“ Laotang, fast paper box sold a your home unused, sell now appropriate, 8 wool a jin. ” is in in village of center of beautiful of double-loop of the city zone of Shandong heart city, zhao Daniang says to neighbour Laotang, she just arranged box of a few paper to sell waste product, sold 55 fund.
Laotang surpriseds to Zhao Daniang’s word, because he just sold a batch of carton gift after year 6 wool one jin 5, did not think of this still does not have two months, the price rises again came up. “ last year November when, I remember price of waste paper box is 8 wool a jin, arrived to will be controlled December later, fell 7 wool left and right sides. ”
Paper box reclaims the fluctuate of the price, the discretion that reflecting paper price goes situation.
Around trade highway a carton reclaims factory, bale installs a 45 workers are busy paper box that piles mountain car, worker Xiaohuang tells a reporter, this is the carton that just collected today, want to send Campagna a paper mill immediately. “ paper box reclaims the price is flabby, go up a few days ago, pass two days to fall again. You watch the news that this just replaced, price of the waste paper on the horse should fall again. ” is in software of small yellow mobile phone, on the information of a domestic network ” that calls “ reject, “ waste paper drops a few big character issue ” , information shows the waste paper price March 29 to reduce 50 yuan for every tons of price.
[reclaim station “ wait-and-see ” ] inevitable “ of ” of cost of “ content damage catchs up with tone price hapless ”
Every time fluctuate, affect the ” of “ sensitive nerve that waste paper reclaims.
“ received the money that come that day, be about to perhaps lay between a day to send out that day, otherwise likely lose money in business. Little yellow deep feeling says ” . Today’s paper box price is the price with every jins of 8 wool closes, can with 9 wool or 1 price sells go out. But if assemble 9 days, waste paper price says to change, if fell, the goods of the hoisting jack on that with respect to compensate.
Look every jins of waste paper case that can make one wool money, but take truly actually in one’s hand gain is not big however. Xiaohuang calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, after going carry of waste paper box, the paper mill still can deduct the 10 “ content caustic that nod to 12 to expend ” in total prices, if the price of dirty, wet, bad part wants to deduct, 2000 yuan of a ton goods, caustic of smooth “ content expends ” to be about to buckle 200 yuan, increase start off cost and person pay, profit is very few. “ is caught up with again at that time depreciate, that ability is hapless. ” Xiaohuang brushs novice machine news ceaselessly at the same time at the same time say.
[fruiterer “ calculates valence ” ] to ensure not essence of lose money in business calculates fruit value
The “ price that pack is high, can increase price on the fruit only, lose money in business of ability guarantee against. ” is in the fruit terminal market of trade highway, neat boss is in a pile box hind is taking pile of sweet a peach-shaped thing, planning to whether need what usingBubble boxChangePlastic box. “ paper box does not suit to hold a peach-shaped thing, the price is improper also. ”
Neat boss tells a reporter, choose bubble case now, because of appropriate of its even if light, but have airtight corrupt practice, forth the weather is hot, unwell and operable. Price of “ model material or blank bin also rose a lot of, but can reclaim, so unapt lose money in business. ” neat boss says, “ fruit approves small retailer, take a skin to say to weigh, computational total prices, pack sell a fruit price. My this peach 10 yuan a jin, the case weighs a jin half, every jins of Xian Tao adds 1 yuan to sell, smooth case sells 11.5 yuan. This case receives price 5 yuan, freight 1 yuan, so I am not earned instead fortunately. ”
In another side Home Laogu of monopolistic apple, sale status but not quite hopeful. “ apple is not when season fruit, those who buy is little but the price is expensive, now is be out of pocket sells. ” Laogu tells a reporter, last year after Frost’s descent, she accepts an apple outerly to fruit business with 1.6 yuan of every jins prices, at that time paper box 4.2 yuan, pack used bolster plate 2 wool, need 5 bolster plate in all 1 yuan of money, inside film 1.5 yuan. The apple should need refrigerant fee into refrigeratory, carriage need freight, carry need to be expended artificially, add up malic cost 2.1 yuan every jins, again the bad apple with small eliminate, cost went to 2.2 yuan every jins, but sell outside with every jins of price of 2.1 now, sell very hard go out. “ is very much came down when season vegetables and fruits, the choice is more, do not go on the price. ” Laogu says, ifWrapping paperThe price of box rises again, be about to consider to use plastic case. We sell “ small retailer is to take a skin to say to weigh, paper box 5 yuan weigh 1 jin 1 times, plastic box 15 yuan weigh 3 jins 1 times, the apple sells 2.1 yuan a jin, price difference can search on plastic box. ”
[embarrassed ” of “ of paper box factory] paper “ demands exceeds supply ” is become rise in price advocate because of
“ buys paper to resemble buying a house, taking ready money very likely, cannot buy merchandise on hand. ” classics opens an area analysis of the boss when factory of one paper box, because environmental protection is rectified and reform and medium and small businesses is shut, together with pollutes stop production of lash-up weather factory, national whole is produced can drop, paper supply decreases, bring about the market to demand exceeds supply. Sometimes supply of goods is nervous, money cannot buy paper. “ is current the price wave motion of paper is fast and big, original sale price is to get market pilot, now is not, the fluctuate of the price expects very hard. ”
The boss tells a reporter when, base paper price will rise November from last year begin rocket, from 3000 yuan before / ton, carry valence to go to 6000 yuan / ton, broke up one time full. “ my factory scope is little, the price goes high high, low come low go, was not affected almost, but old factory is a bit troublesome. The boss when ” says, when communication of person of the same trade, industry of a few milk offers promising the large company of the box that pack, in mad “ plywood should suffer to enrage ” before the paper value that go up: At the same time the paper mill rises in price optional, have no way of paper box factory chooses. The contract that before ordering goods business is being taken at the same time, signs should pack box, the price cannot be changed at will, very headache.