Paper mill will be less and less, bale how to stand to you can develop?

The paper mill measure of instantly our country is less and less!
As go producing can, advance of the policy such as supply side reform ceaselessly, environmental protection policy lasts hasten is severe! Papermaking industry stress falls into disuse backward produce can, new 2018 increase production basically can come from at big plant, the industry spends hopeful to promote further centrally. So do these meetings give bale what influence does the station bring?
   Paper mill measure is less and less!
2018, everybody made money in factory saying paper, general gain, value paper moral course of study to develop. But is true fact such?
If according to us the gain data of the large paper mill that sees looks, yes, everybody made money. But reality is not however such, a lot of unlisted paper mills, did not publish their financial report, this lets us what a lot of people ignored small-sized paper mill is true live condition.
Real data tells us: Large paper mill is to make money, but paper mill is less and less!
From 2012 countrywide paper and chipboard crop and consumption growth put delay gradually. Papermaking and unit of company of industry of above of dimensions of paper products line of business are counted, in drop ceaselessly. Number of unit of our country papermaking and company of industry of above of dimensions of paper products line of business had 7128 2012, reduced 7063 2013, decreased 2014 it is 6822, reduced 6798 2015, dropped quickly 2016 6586, mill of many areas small paper was banned in great quantities 2017, paper mill measure continues to glide. Must admit the fact with paper less and less mill.
Why is paper mill less and less?
The high concentration of this and papermaking industry is spent about! Of the paper mill of before be told simply even if be being ranked in papermaking industry a few produce the much that can hold whole paper to taste the market can.
The papermaking enterprise of before showing the rank inside countrywide limits according to relevant data 4 is produced can occupy the whole nation to always be produced can proportion year after year rises, arrive from 2012 2016, its scale from 20.74% rose 24.83% , occupied near always produce can 1/4.
Current, before enterprise of our country papermaking 100 paper look forward to is produced can occupy the whole nation to always be produced can 60% the left and right sides, papermaking industry is produced still can have the space that continues to fall into disuse, fall into disuse ceaselessly backward producing also can be industry intensive is changed, the inevitable demand that dimensions turns development tide.
As environmental protection was restricted to produce strength to increase 2017, nuclear hair finishs licence of papermaking industry blowdown, must maintain card production, paper look forward to will increase the investment of environmental protection respect, cost rises further, plus the dominant position is abandoned outside showing look forward to of level bibcock paper to having, the addition that power plant of provide for oneself restrains restricted dilate of medium and small businesses to produce can, interest is very large paper look forward to, the enterprise with poor ability of dimensions small gain will be below the multiple pressure such as environmental protection exit the market, the structural adjustment of industry whole, make have produce can utilization rate promotion is in the near future the big trend of papermaking industry.
The miscarriage in be being accompanied can exit, the yield that adds newly basically can be bibcock paper industry, so rate general is occupied in city of look forward to of prospective bibcock paper ceaseless concentration and expand. What at that time we should see is big paper mill is strong!
   Does future bale does the station need to face many difficult problem?
Be in paper mill less and less, below the background with big paper stronger and stronger mill, bale the prospective development of the station basically is faced with two catastrophe to inscribe. The first it is paper him mill build bale the competition of the station; The 2nd be how standardization develops.
Paper mill meets those who build his bale station, we must regain consciousness realise, paper mill can build those who belong to his to bale certainly station. The feasibility condition of instantly has been such, the mill of current share big paper that actually everybody knows has him bale station, at present nevertheless big paper mill regards a port receiving money as it, or drop of a stock comes operation, very few substantivity is contacted most upriver waste paper reclaims.
But the development as big paper mill, to control cost effectively, safeguard raw material is supplied, build those who belong to paper mill to be in charge of continuously to bale the station is a trend. Be in for example 2018 in March, some paper mill lets Jiangsu a lot of supplier deliver goods bale to his subordinate station, still arouse a small wave inside the industry, has experienced person should have not forgotten.
Of course paper mill holds whole industry chain impossibly, everybody also very won’t fast be squashed, he still needs numerous bale the station goes helping him reclaim upriver raw material, but standardization develops what the problem can escape without the person to pass. This standardization is factory pointing to paper to reclaiming the standard of waste paper.
Everybody has deliver goods to go to paper mill, because deduct a point,make badly the experience that one car paper does not have gain money.
So future is become large paper mill is stronger and stronger, it is nodded to buckling, the requirement such as adulteration is met clearer and clearer. Bale the station is controlled in moisture, yellow paperboard content, bale the circumstance such as the requirement is sure demand of mill of paper of be enslaved to be enslaved to. Because paper mill is less and less, big paper mill is stronger and stronger, bale the station sells goods channel to also be met apt is centralized, at this moment, bale the station must come according to the standard of paper mill act.
Come up somehow tell, this is solid to those sincere trade, determination reclaims waste paper regard as for the person that the enterprise will come do, this is a good development way. But will tell to certain person, this is another situation.