Love jasmine, LG to wait for Han makeup enterprise to will be increased colorless and transparent plastic bottle utilization rate

According to message of rich body beauty, a few days ago, korea environment ministry is in with 19 enterprises of Korea an Er signed “ initiative reclaim use ” of the simple and easy agreement that pack, this agreement aims to advance resource to be used circularly, reduce the goods that hire capable person to be polluted to the environment. Early before, basis of Korea environment ministry " resource loop basic law " made “ product of first phase uses an evaluation to plan circularly (2018~2020 year) ” , colorless cosmetic, beverage is plastic since predicting next year the utilization rate of bottle will increase considerably. This agreement predicts to be carried out since June 2018, till finish target;2018 year predicting cosmetic, beverage tastes the utilization rate that waits for colorless and plastic bottle to surmount hopeful 63.5% 2016, promotion comes 85.1% . It is reported, these 19 companies that sign an agreement recover as obligation use manufacturing company (allow with was 2016) occupy Korea plastic bottle total delivery of cargo from storage is measured (260 thousand tons) 55% . This company that signs an agreement included the many fields such as cosmetic, medicines and chemical reagents, dairy produce, drink. Among them, cosmetic regards the heavy consumption category of bottled container as be the first to be affected, health of life of the Pacific Ocean of jasmine of cosmetic company love of Korea, LG, love respected an industry to all sign this agreement. According to the agreement, to 2019, these companies will improve the capable person that pack to be mixed character according to different line of the products structure, the product such as cosmetic, mineral water uses consciousness colorless and transparent plastic bottle, convenient reclaim use. In addition, wait for the product of the type besides beer, to assure product quality, when necessary the enterprise can be used limitedly brown or plastic bottle of green. Besides color, raise a paper quality that collects fee to also will be used brand by limitation to plastic bottle. End 2020, the pvc that reclaims not easily (the material such as PVC) is qualitative also will by easy the material such as reclaiming plastic bottle is replaced character. The company that signs an agreement can make detailed plan every year, according to the character of different product, the material that active mining reclaims easily pledges and structure. Be in extremely brief, of natural wind be current today, those who take simple course is transparent and colorless plastic bottle can make consumer clear see thing of the buy inside container not only, still have environmental protection effect, or will get many consumer support. Guangzhou plum writes down Li Daoyang of general manager of the limited company that pack to tell ” cosmetic finance and economics is online ” reporter: “ carries out colorless transparent package, increased plastic reclaim the convenience sex that use. The plastic bottle of coloured is opposite and character reclaims utilization rate is low, utility also can be restricted. In addition, in producing a course, colorless and transparent kind of product need not chromatic, production rises more convenient also. ”Mention plastic bottle, people meet for a short while wait for ” of pollution of it and “ environment ” , “ the word to be contacted together. Really, plastic products becomes the difficult problem of environmental protection for a time, its scope of application is extremely wide, covered the square respect range that we live. Cosmetic serves as fast consumable, it is the one big source that plastic bottle produces without doubt. A lot of brands can choose include mount take as the point of departure from the product to attract consumer eyeball, sundry plastic bottle also emerge as the times require. But also a lot of enterprise hold office at court are worn environmental protection tries hard to stride, if combine benefit China, Bao Jie to wait, more the “ ocean of environmental protection is plastic ” of ” , “ reworked plastics be come out by development in succession. The reporter consults the data learns, make transparent achromatic cosmetic plastic bottle uses PET normally plastic, environmental protection is avirulent, but the price is more qualitative than other material tallish. And of coloured plastic and general use ” of bead of lubricious mother of plastic colorant “ to be opposite plastic undertake chromatic, regard instantly as the commonnest chromatic law, lubricious mother bead is in gift when product more colour, also can affect the plastic function, cost that raises a product at the same time. According to ” new plastic economics ” the report says, current, what the whole world has 14% only is plastic pack get reclaiming, reclaim effectively to have 10% only. And cosmetic use cycle is long, add the cost is low, empty bottle also often it is difficult that interfuse life rubbish also causes sorting to reclaim, plastic products reclaims to the means that use still allows to weigh and far. “ carries out colorless transparent package, the jumping-off place that strengthens resource loop recycle makes a person gratified. ” Li Daoyang expresses: “ but come down to say in whole big environment, the cosmetic market that pack is packed in total class occupy mediumly than can calculating a drop in the sea only. Environmental protection matters to the action of global environment this kind to carry out the industry that needs whole society to be driven together, ability achieves ideal result. ”