Let presswork the industry is built on the train of new spending

Our country consumes the contribution to GDP to already was controlled in 2/3, all sorts of consumable make the cake that does bigger more together, we imprint course of study can be divided feed.
And new generation second the youth presents an a few new spending idea. For instance they are satisfied at older generation no longer the consumption that basic material lives, and elevate spirit the level. They stress consumptive feeling, experience. They more the individuation that ego of make public of be fond of is used to, custom-built change consumption. They also be fond of participates in a gender, the consumption that him part starts work.
We imprint course of study should understand these change, seeks an opportunity from which. Especially individuation, custom-built the consumption that change, pressworking to agree with our alterable data number. Suit participate in a gender, oneself start work, we can consider to make semi-manufactured goods. Cooperate the custom that they experience, we can consider a few already designed on the spot oneself by them, the simple product that our spot makes is waited a moment.