Last the export package of Xianggu mushroom and carry

Last the treatment of Xianggu mushroom, should notice raw material is new above all degree, this is to decide to last the main factor of quality of Xianggu mushroom finished product. Raw material must fresh, colour and lustre is normal; Next, stay of proceedings configuration wants complete, circle to be being mixed handle of stay of proceedings is intact, maintain the beautiful pattern when nature of body of stay of proceedings grows; Fleshy of flesh of stay of proceedings, the predestined relationship is involute and orderly by the side of lid of stay of proceedings, not broken or velum is ajar, did not open an umbrella; Stay of proceedings builds a diameter to not be less than 38 millimeter; Without plant diseases and insect pests, peculiar smell and clay impurity.
   Material handling and cold storage
Raw material beforehand cold as wet as the platoon to maintain its good and fresh spend and colour and lustre, want to enter refrigeratory in time after bright stay of proceedings is picked beforehand cold drop in temperature, according to equipment performance and water content of bright stay of proceedings, master appropriate beforehand cold temperature and measurable dehydrate rate, pass beforehand cold platoon is wet, achieve export demand.
Use blast refrigeration means normally, control refrigeratory temperature between 1~3 ℃ , temperature of center of bright stay of proceedings is 2~4 ℃ , make water content of bright stay of proceedings falls to 75%~80% . Below normal temperature, ventilated and shady and cool platoon wet or booth basks in Yu Yangguang to issue a wet method, unfavorable use.
Raw material classifications with the concentration requirement according to foreign trade client, by stay of proceedings normally lid diameter size uses what galvanized iron makes to classification the sieve undertakes screening or artificial range estimation undertakes grading. Classification use 3 class to make normally: Big step stay of proceedings (diameter of lid of L) stay of proceedings is in 55 millimeter above, intermediate stay of proceedings (diameter of lid of M) stay of proceedings is between 45~55 millimeter; Small step stay of proceedings (diameter of lid of S) stay of proceedings is between 38~45 millimeter. Undertaking raw material classifications while, should of eliminate damaged, those who take off a handle, become angry, flecked, unbalanced reach unqualified second bad stay of proceedings, cold storage of seasonable put in storage answers after been choose. Conditional area can undertake classificationing mixing in refrigeratory choose, in order to ensure the good quality of bright stay of proceedings.
Cold storage lasts during cold storage, the discretion of icebox temperature affects quality of finished product of bright stay of proceedings directly, accordingly, the temperature of the icebox in refrigerating a process is very important. Be like icebox temperature prep above 5 ℃ , bright stay of proceedings still but proceed is metabolic, cause delicacy of bright stay of proceedings to spend reduce, constituent ageing, come eventually umbrella; Cold storage temperature if under 0 ℃ , bright stay of proceedings suffers freeze injury easily, bate of ground of constitution of stay of proceedings, decay to shape of be soiled of hair unboiled water eventually degenerative, even cannot edible. Accordingly, refrigerate the cold storage temperature during, must control strictly between 1~3 ℃ .
   Pack with carry
Last of Xianggu mushroom pack those who be different from other product. To assure quality of bright stay of proceedings, The material that packReach recipient besides must outside wholesome and avirulent sex, still answer heat insolation is airtight, do not suffer outside ambient effect, have inside proper time stronger defend cold performance, can make bright stay of proceedings is in good microtherm position.
Last department of Xianggu mushroom container uses expanded plastics die-casting to become the rectangle that has a lidPlastic box, box is built all around have apophysis backbone, maintain close together be identical with box mouth. Outfit stay of proceedings finishs, box mouth all around transparent glue punched tape sticks reoccupy sealed. Norms of expanded plastics box is: 45 centimeters grow inside, inside 28 centimeters wide, inside 16 centimeters tall, casing ply is controlled for 2 centimeters.
Bright stay of proceedings is packed must be in flavour of clean sanitation, as good as, air temperature not the microtherm room of 3 ℃ undertakes prep above. The appliance that pack and staff member are subdued, want to maintain clean sanitation, fixed disinfection. Be not a staff member not to get aleatoric discrepancy to pack a room, in case the library is lukewarm rise and pass bacterium of in spite of illness sundry contaminative product.
Pack must exporting date advancement to go certainly. Cut power of stay of proceedings of short bright stay of proceedings above all, stay about 2.5 centimeters long, the edge is packed by the side of Jian Bing, if cut power of stay of proceedings prematurely, handle of stay of proceedings cuts a meeting oxidation brown to change influence exterior. Bright stay of proceedings is usedPlastic filmIn bags is filled, every in bags enters the Xianggu mushroom that be the same as class 5000 grams, the reload after vacuumize arrives in expanded plastics box, box mouth bind is sealed cover on double corrugated box, paper box mouth adds viscose punched tape.
Packet outfit uses expanded plastics bag to make small tray normally, every dishes load bright stay of proceedings 100 grams or 200 grams, orderly arrange, outside some bacterium plait face, lap on one lasts outside filmy and sealed airtight or smoke vacuum, load paper box next, box mouth adds viscose punched tape. Pack end, make good number, await fate.
Last after Xianggu mushroom is packed, want to give movement in time, from producing area carry is gone to the exit bright stay of proceedings of port, must use cold storage car to carry and control good refrigeration temperature strictly, prevent temperature to pick up, in order to ensure quality of bright stay of proceedings.
   A few problems of the attention answer in production
Last Xianggu mushroom belongs to the wood chip Xianggu mushroom that helps advance somebody’s career artificially for the most part is not the Xianggu mushroom that log helps advance somebody’s career. The harm happens to control miscellaneous bacterium in production, use much bacterium spirit or other antiseptic to mix normally help advance somebody’s career the battalion nourishment of Xianggu mushroom undertakes mouldproof, antiseptic, dosage should be restricted strictly inside the limits with safe to human body lowest.
Xianggu mushroom helps advance somebody’s career in producing a course, must spray everyday a large number of water. Water quality must kosher, must not contain harmful to human body microbial reach metallic material, in order to ensure cleanness of bright stay of proceedings is wholesome.
Xianggu mushroom and other stay of proceedings kind same, body of stay of proceedings contains a large number of moisture content, be in commonly 90% above. To maintain finished product quality, shorten a wet time, bright stay of proceedings is picked want forbidden gush water before today.
Xianggu mushroom is in last in handling technological process, should cogent good 3 close, namely raw material quality closes, beforehand cold platoon is wet close, microtherm cold storage closes. Control good temperature and finished product moisture content seriously.
Shipping exit lasts Xianggu mushroom, cannot use average car to replace cold storage car to carry absolutely, lest temperature picks up, delicacy tastes bad of simple quantitative change.