Is papermaking industry ” La Hai ” or ” difficult sea ” ?

Company of two sides needle was released outstanding achievement reported 2017, its do business income is 1.472 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 5.74% ; Vest in appears on the market the net gain of company shareholder is – 144 million yuan, buckle blame net profit to be – 153 million yuan. Share company controls in 7 of two sides needle main ginseng in, 5 are in deficit condition, among them paper of needle of Liuzhou two sides tastes limited company (paper of the following abbreviation tastes a company) deficit 118 million yuan, the net gain that to appearing on the market the company contributes is – 99.78 million yuan.
   01, Iron the sweet potato of the hand
Now, small make up and everybody reviews together, is the life uses paper industry “ of difficult sea of “ of ” La Hai or ” ? Paper tastes a company why to become 2 needles “ to iron the sweet potato ” of the hand, outstanding achievement reviewing, paper tasted a company to realize 8625.3 yuan net gain the first year in what hold water only, begin deficit the 2nd year. Mixed 2015 2016 two years, paper tasted the year loss specified number of the company to all exceed 100 million yuan. Paper estate company 2014, 2015, specified number of nearly 3 years of 2016 deficit is respectively – 9, five hundred and ninety-four thousand eight hundred yuan, – 12, seven million eight hundred and fifty-seven thousand eight hundred yuan, – 8, seven million and eight thousand five hundred yuan.
Outstanding achievement of group of two sides needle all the time the reason of deficit, except advocate business accomplishment glides besides, among them paper tastes a company also “ result cannot do not have ” , also force 2 needles to begin from 2010, place of 6 degrees of undersell holds two sides pin stock of negotiable securities of the letter in some, two sides needle is relying on those who be not management sex accrual to prop up, in A “ strong ” .
   02, That paragraph of indissoluble predestined relationship 10 years ago
On March 11, 2009, two sides needle issues announcement, plan to establish paper of needle of Liuzhou two sides to taste limited company with 220 million yuan of investment, the Liuzhou paper mill of deficit again and again by needle of infuse two sides. Hold water at the Liuzhou paper mill 1968, before buy 2005, 2006, 2007, net profit is respectively – 8.172 million yuan, – fifteen million four hundred and nineteen thousand two hundred yuan, – thirty-three million six hundred and forty-three thousand six hundred yuan. At that time 2 needles of at the summit of one’s power, did not care about the industry dilemma that Liuzhou paper mill faces and deficit, to this asset infuse, investor makes public propaganda to the enemy at the front line at that time, needle of “ two sides became the ‘ reject of be worthy of the name to buy station ’ truly. ” , recombine the indissoluble predestined relationship of backside, look now, there is a paragraph for certain between two sides needle and Liuzhou paper mill at that time touching to deep true love!
Big fund infuse in those days, paper tasted a company to realize 8625.3 yuan net gain the first year in what hold water only, two sides is having a kind of pleasure that strike the table and shout bravo in the light of this investment.
   03, ” of fuel of the “ between Mu Zizhi
Come happily too suddenly, go very momently however, what greet immediately between Mu Zizhi is the life that burst into tears however, bilateral preparation prepares to work energetically, march in a large-scale papermaking industry, borrow this to send force to turn round parent company outstanding achievement to glide situation when, however unexpectedly after 2010NewspaperDemand considerably atrophic, industry of paper of two sides needle is annual deficit however. Company paper industry board piece main product uses paper, pulp for the life, produce can be 61 thousand tons respectively / year mix 60 thousand tons / year, with home course of study of person of the same trade appears on the market company look is compared, company life is produced with paper, pulp can low, sale scope is little, the place in causing an unit to produce cost contains the fixed charge such as depreciation, artificial charge to occupy bigger than slanting, abiding have not form dimensions economic benefits.
   04, Papermaking industry anabiosises, why company as before deficit?
Paper tastes the deficit of the company, cannot return entirely duty at papermaking industry itself, begin from 2016, no matter be papermaking industry, still be papermaking industry medium life uses chipboard piece, below big setting, as produce can limitation, of environmental protection severe accuse, papermaking industry anabiosises speed is accelerated, appear on the market the outstanding achievement of the company also is very dazzling, not complete count, enterprise of much home papermaking realized outstanding achievement 2017 times add. Those who be in 21 to already announced annals or outstanding achievement wall bulletin appear on the market in papermaking enterprise, 20 realized gain last year, have 16 among them, make an appointment with namely most probably the net profit of the company compared to the same period amplitude exceeds 50% .
If say, before 2016, paper tastes company outstanding achievement all the time deficit end at the industry periodic, so after 2016, we should see a favourable turn at least, and what see to me is, the paper that is that deficit as before tastes a company, so is the reason of backside worth us to go thoughtful?
Group of two sides needle, have national endowment background appear on the market company, if simple analysis paper tastes a company, probably some too situation, “ is homebred the say 2 needles ” of the first toothpaste, when advocate when business accomplishment glides, arrive from management industry position, change often speed some had exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, airborne high-level leader and domain of not familiar industry are killed, have go ahead of the rest of army provisions of a kind of “ , fine will not feel to ” .
Daedal relation, in appear on the market see in the historical announcement of the company, today’s deficit, the boiler of ineludible history, the tall canal change of the group is frequent, the problem that appears on company history management, administrative layer changes often the change that causes sale to go up, without abiding sale strategy, let a company gain long-term victory in the industry hard.
   05, Where does paper of two sides needle taste company future to be in?
Receive forms for reporting statistics to look from the battalion of two sides needle, 2014-2016 year, industry of paper of two sides needle board piece (pulp, paper is tasted) wool interest rate is respectively – 11.73% , – 10.18% and – 7.74% . Gross profit is in slow promotion, in March 2016, paper estate company invests about 18 million yuan, use up taller evaporate to boil workshop section equipment to undertake ability changes to the sources of energy, produce cost in order to reduce pulp; In Feburary 2017, paper estate company invests about 1.5 million yuan again, undertake transforming to washing oar system, raise pulp quality to expand at the same time produce can.
10 years of enemy of affection love hate, paper of needle of Liuzhou two sides tastes the destiny that there is a kind to cannot escape between limited company and parent company, group of two sides needle was not abandoned 10 years child seek to live on, the reason of backside a variety of having a lot of, and what we can know is: Taste a company to paper, there is the deep, painful cut feeling of a kind of love between Mu Zizhi, my desire returns by wind, fear Lou Yuyu fining jade again.
10 years pay, pain of 10 years, the accumulative total of two sides needle that crosses bound transition paper to taste course of study is tasted to two paper and papermaking company borrow or lend money 937 million yuan, want to come off nowadays, flesh and blood is linked together to come off hard also, the business that should do so, since held to 10 years, that with respect to can go black only, after labor pains, want to have “ burn one’s boats, 102 Qin Chuan belongs to Hunan eventually. The determination of ” .
Anabiosis in papermaking industry below the circumstance that rises with oar price, seize opportunity, make great efforts in sale and administrative field work along both lines, the force of new media of have the aid of and electric business medium of communication, make fractionize market, prospective road is not a the Dead Sea, give oneself two years time again, let us see a paper of brand-new needle of Liuzhou two sides tastes limited company again.