Homebred intelligence changes supply a gap of the production that pack

In the 6th China (Shanghai) Fair of international technology imports and exports city business association forms a delegation exhibit an area, home is banner and dedicated at intelligenceThe equipment that packWith provider of solution of product line of the automation that be not mark, shanghai male enjoys mechanical equipment limited company to carry intelligence full automatic change ” of packer of equipment “ all-round to be joined on invitation exhibit, exquisite design, intelligence is changed and height is compositive change, all show “ Chinese wisdom builds ” distinctive glamour.
The banner intelligence inside course of study turns the production that pack, fill home is blank. Be in male inside the area exhibiting an area that enjoys a group, equipment of an intelligence machine drew numerous look, “ this is us an all-round packer, not small look is whole equipment, it is a home’s banner intelligence equipment actually, be equivalent to system of a robot, efficiency is 4 times what replace other and mechanical facility. ” Shanghai male enjoy relevant controller Cheng Xiaoran to say.
Additional, in one is being revealed in video picture aside full automatic the course that changes production, the bottled product that each comes from treasure clean company undertakes wrapping outfit, classification through this intelligence equipment, in an orderly way is very quick, and in whole production segment, did not appear an artificial operation.
Cheng Xiaoran thinks, real industry 4 it is the unmanned system that solves whole thing to shed chain, and at present male enjoy a group production of this kind of automation also is “ high in the clouds introduces to be assembled ” , automatically on original basis technology, online detect technology and all sorts of passing feeling technology, make intelligence turn production, final and complete implementation nobody turn production.