High seas carry is versed in 62K pulp boat makes innovation again in multinomial new technology

Recently, carry of the high seas in be being carried by the high seas in Dalian heavy industry is carries a boat enters ship of built 62000 tons of pulp especially total group level. Full boat adds up to 155 section, need has total group to 146 among them section, total group rate is 94.2% . To improve total group efficiency, embarking work area is passed learn plain Qi, combinative company is real, innovation used multinomial new technology.
This law went to the lavatory namely personnel construction is managing also build those who set scaffold is artificial with material, reduced production to plan time, make pull current Cheng more smooth, time of total to shortening team also has certain positive effect. OK and managing cost of raw materials uses opening of every total group 1280 yuan, economic labour cost 336 yuan, full boat adds up to 16 pairs of total groups paragraph add up to can save more than yuan 25 thousand.
This law can reduce the burnish amount of total group mouth, individual section assembly time reduces total troop 3 hours, burnish quantity decreases 20% .
Be apart from base line through what the section phase that make has done, be apart from costal region the line, examination line that is apart from central line, the counterpoint that should assure line and line only when total group locates can finish the total group of section to locate, precision personnel checks the associated sex of line and line after the fixed position that finish, undertake whole next answer measure can complete section total form, time of fixed position of single paragraph total group shortens 1/3.