Face environmental protection tax, paper box factory cares paper mill reaction more

Since January 1, 2018, ” tax law of environmental protection of People’s Republic of China ” apply formally, environmental protection duty leaves at the same time proof. As what sign up for by Ji Shen brand-new categories of taxes, environmental protection duty from April rose to greet first to ask for in countrywide limits first period after environmental protection Shui Kaizheng, executed blowdown of more than 30 years to expend a system to make the history.
Papermaking company pays close attention to environmental protection duty actively, jiu Long thinks to be helpful for supply demand relations improving
Guangdong Liu Yuan of chief inspector of operation of the vivid limited company that use paper expresses Bilunsheng completely, after be informed environmental protection duty to open the information that collect since last year, with respect to positive all the time attention. He understands, the expropriation of environmental protection duty the principle is an enterprise much platoon pays tax more, little platoon is little pay tax, reduce contaminant to discharge through taxation adjusting control. The expropriation of duty of “ environmental protection is hasten of general trends place, also force the enterprise increases the attention that produces to cleanness, the company also can increase the attention of pair of environmental protection careers and investment. ”
Look forward to of Dongguan bibcock paper alluded technically in company annual report even the influence that environmental protection code brings. Industry of nine dragon paper says in the analysis in annals: The government reachs firm ground more sturdily to implement environmental policy, and executive environment code becomes more extensive reach rigorous, Wrapping paperThe supply demand relations of the industry will get further improvement, the gain ability that is helpful for the market is stabilized basically in reasonable level.
Paper products company is calm answer, care the reaction of the paper mill more
Duty of “ environmental protection looks in us the influence is done not have so big, the key depended on changing blowdown cost environmental protection tax. Chairman of guild of products of ” Dongguan paper, long peaceful paper is tastedThe material that packLin Qing of limited company president thinks, to papermaking industry, big head still is discharged in sewage.
Lin Qing still thinks, “ resembles the bibcock paper look forward to of Dongguan, for instance article of Jiu Long, manage, itself is enterprise of monitoring of environmental protection key, early begins to undertake craft upgrades to be produced with cleanness, there also are more perfect equipment and stronger processing capacity on sewage disposal, often be used to abandoning boiler circulation and not be one-time discharge, because this is affected also very won’t big. ”
He expresses, dongguan a batch of “ two tall enterprise of one low ” is early advanced government of two years guides in quiting the job, already closed to stop and turn. And paper products industry, discharged liquid waste waste gas is very few. Compare itself of environmental protection duty, the cares upriver paper mill more downstream market that Lin Qing is in reacts.