Express packs new GB to pour timing | industry to say groovy cost tall it is difficult to carry out

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On March 23, dak of express of Beijing industry university, a classmate is seeking express delivery. Here express dot is electric business mostly express, the part packs systemic rubber cover to take.
Many 400 express, how many express can you produce to pack? 9 years are lain between when, new edition ” express encloses things ” GB is released, with period guide express to pack green to reduce an amount. Recently, code of policy of national post office manages director Jin Jinghua makes when unscrambling, be mentioned to new GB, what key of this new GB encloses things to offer green environmental protection to express is technical requirement.
Be apart from new GB to carry out inadequacy now 6 months, but discovery of reporter seek by inquiry, fulfil new GB to still be faced with cost promotion, use circularly did not wait for “ obstacle ” into the system. The expert thinks, express packs processing to need from fountainhead proceed with, what should build the loop that pack to use is mandatory measure.
〗 of 1 of 〖 seek by inquiry
With but degradationExpress bagCost becomes obstacle high
2017 express breakthrough 40 billion, grow 28% compared to the same period, still be in rapid growth. Box of express bag, paper, adhesive plaster, estimate swift and violent growth as express, express packs leap, cause new “ express to pollute ” . In recent years, express packs the green that reduce an amount incessant Yu Er. This year in Feburary, ” express encloses things ” new GB is released, be apart from be apart of old edition standard 9 years. New GB will rise to be carried out formally on September 1 this year.
New GB packs green environmental protection to raise new requirement to express. For example, standard one party faces benzene of 6 kinds of adjacent ester of 2 formic acid (also say model changes an agent) , solvent remain and benzene kind residual solvent content in oil put forward to be restricted to be worth a requirement; On the other hand, advocate use biology degradation plastic, reduce white pollution.
Code of policy of national post office manages director Jin Jinghua ever introduced, biology degradationPolybagAfter be being discarded, in nature the condition falls and specific requirement falls, the microbial action that exists by nature causes degradation, after passing 6 months OK and natural degradation, the mineralization inorganic salt that decomposes carbon dioxide, firedamp, water and its place to contain an element, basic to the influence of environment negligible not plan.
The reporter discovers in actual seek by inquiry, use biology degradation is plastic mean cost to increase, fulfil but difficulty of degradation express bag is heavy. An express bag that is located in Zhejiang lukewarm city produces enterprise salesperson introduction, bag of a packet of express in all 100. Average the price of white express bag of a 28×42cm is 0.16 yuan. Express bag capable person of white is virgin material character. Black is old stuff, the price is cheaper than white express bag 1/3.
To denying sale then but degradation is plastic, he is responded to, we do not sell but of degradation, did not sell now. And the search discovers another advocate the network that makes ” of bag of “ degradation express price criterion come every 0.9 yuan. Compare common express bag, cost raises considerably.
According to afore-mentioned salesperson introductions, buy express bag buy the home to be the businessman that clean out treasure mostly. The reporter sees, its already evened more in the accumulative total sale of the network 20 thousand packets, exceed bag of 200 thousand express.
Shao Zhonglin of former deputy secretary-general analyses Chinese express association, environmental protection material causes cost to rise, can new to fulfilling GB creates obstacle. In addition, at present most express many the business that it is report is express, can occupy the 90% above of express whole even sometimes. Express member those who take have been the express goods that has packed, also control hard whether to use but degradation is packed.
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Express box reclaims the process raises cost considerably
Use besides promotion but degradation material, reporter discovery, new GB also is encouraged repeat use bag case. Jin Jinghua says, although has used express bag case has damaged sign, should not affect only function and use, also can repeat use. Future, also can increase can use relevant symbol circularly, facilitating consumer identifies and follow-up classification reclaims and use.
Shao Zhonglin thinks, current, express content flows is one-way content flows. If turn into,need of the member that the loop means express reclaims pack, this also can raise cost considerably. Had not solved at present. Look in him, deserving to send jointly perhaps is one of methods that defeat solution. “ all express put a section in an area, after taking away express, the citizen can pack express directly hand in a ” , shao Zhonglin introduces.
Reporter seek by inquiry discovers, although deserving to send area jointly, express packs those who reclaim to still change ” of “ small mill hard to run mode, become dimensions hard. On March 23 17 when 30 minutes, beijing industry is in inside university officer inside express dak, especially lively, be worth the fastigium that takes express delivery. Outside dak door, share 4 mark to “ can reclaim the dustbin of ” , there is inadequacy all alone inside its box of 10 express paper or bag.
One is tearing open the classmate Xiaoliu that pack to introduce, oneself bought a computer to cover, want to look close improper. There just is a tool here, simply pack tore open throw here. “ is not met at ordinary times painstakingly so do, general meeting conveniently is thrown into ash-bin ” . The reporter notices, inside 15 minutes, in all 25 people are taking express to leave, only after choose of two person selected will be torn open pack stay inside dustbin.
18 when, li Ming (alias) begin to break up look for the carton inside dustbin. He says, oneself are only now and then will seek case of a few paper. Major paper box comes out to sell 5 ring by choose of worker of the environmental sanitation inside campus outside reclaim dot, other express bag is handled with other rubbish lump directly, “ also cannot sell a few money ” anyway. Brave of express expert Xu thinks, express is packed reclaim recycle needs to build arrive from fountainhead extreme system of one a complete set of. Express business recovers cost is higher, although can reclaim, how sequel is handled also is difficult problem.
〖 focus 〗
How does express material realize electric business is green changed?
The distance fulfils new edition express to pack GB to be not worth 6 months, still did not find efficient way it seems that. Look with Shao Zhonglin in Xu Yong, express packs true implementation green to change, get above all from proceed with of electric trade source, need to take mandatory step. Xu Yong says, have some of express company, the express of 90% is packed come from electric business, of electric business pack this how to be controlled.
Charm amounts to express relevant controller introduces, the express bag that charm amounts to express already was used entirely but degradation material. But look in Shao Zhonglin, on express quantity, electric business is express already held great majority. Guard estimation, if electric business is express,occupy than the word of 70% , gross also achieved 25 billion. Xu Yong is compensatory, although express was offerred but of degradation plastic, but how is the data that electric business provides controlled. Express business also cannot reject electric business express.
Does express pack the existence that reduce an amount what difficulty?
This GB is decreased in express quantify a respect to also send force continuously. For example, from every square metre the ration of express envelope raw material 250 grams, 300 grams are reduced not under 200 grams, fall more than 20% . In addition, reduced plastic film kind the lowermost ply requirement of the express bag that pack, reduce 0.03 millimeter by the 0.06 millimeter of old GB, fall achieve 50% .
Jin Jinghua introduces, if achieve the use quantity of the express envelope that new GB asks to occupy,increase a percent than every, OK and managing products of 6400 tons of paper. The use quantity of the bag that pack occupies the express delivery that obtains new GB requirement to increase a percent than every, OK and managing 4200 tons of oil.
The reporter sees in express dot, “ is excessive the ” that pack cans be found everywhere. In dot of express of Beijing industry university, piling up on express wearing about a hundred express, some outside lids became full adhesive plaster. A classmate that tearing open, pulled down outside commodity 4 plastic film are packed. Shao Zhonglin citing, reckon a lot of people had had such experience, bought a little article to be received however bigger than its multiple case, inside cram plastic film. He thinks, the express processing that pack must want from fountainhead, namely control of electric business segment.
The standard is not mandatory how to fulfil new GB?
Current, new edition express packs GB to be not mandatory standard, guide a standard to recommend a gender. Jin Jinghua explains, degradation of content of one party look unfamiliar still is in in the application of postal job start level, manufacturing company undertakes adjustment also needing cycle; On the other hand, current express business is facing greater cost pressure generally in operation, profit space is limited, enclose things especially cost of the biology degradation bag that pack is relative taller, still need a course.
The standard is not compelling case to fall, express is packed how to fulfil new GB, achieve progress of the green that reduce an amount truly? Jin Jinghua introduces, future, the green attestation that cooperates to drive express to pack about the branch, guide thereby and business of supportive cable business, express and user use what pack product green attestation through express to package a product.
In addition, jin Jinghua says, still can supervise an examination to green express packs product quality and be reported, pack express green bring into construction of system of green product credit, exploration builds ” of “ blacklist system, drive establish associated chasten mechanism.