China packs food market to present an a variety of new development trends

The findings report that bureau of hair of Hong Kong trade issued recently points out, market of the Chinese food that pack appears a variety of new development trends: Consumer more favour is packed charmingly, diversification, organic food is provided more with the sale channel below the line on the line more and more welcome etc.
This investigation discovers, as dweller income taller and taller, in recent years Chinese inland consumer is upgrading in “ ” consumes behavior, change a brand to food from low food gradually and try different gust gladly. In addition, the consumer nowadays is paying close attention to the ” of “ trend sense that pack and ” of gust of “ whole world further. Chinese consumer from like to buy sexual price to change direction to be bought gladly than the faster big food that pack independence is packed and more delicate product. They are willing to try different gust according to individual be fond of more.
In addition, all sufferring the person that visit states the channel on Ceng Congxian buys the food that pack, this explains Chinese network shops to maturing with each passing day. “ develops a trend this kind to be attributed to Chinese content to shed speed to promote considerably, among them a lot of network stores can make sure the order before 10 o’clock is in in the morning that day afternoon before 3 o’clock can service. ” should consider to say. Even if is such, the supermarket still is the most important channel that buys the food that pack.
Go low as organic food price, chinese consumer is interested in this kind of product more and more. Although of organic food basically selling a site is do not use pesticide and chemical fertilizer in cultivating a process, but its have appeal most to Chinese consumer sell a dot to be not safety of bureau be confined to, still have health and burgeoning way of life.