Burgeoning banking service drives Dongguan plastic wait for an industry the industry upgrades

If say hypostatic economy is the root of Dongguan, civilian battalion economy is the fetch of Dongguan, so finance is Dongguan makes the nutrient with this large indispensable tree. In the process that in this large tree grows continuously, be refined as division of labor and Internet rises abruptly, burgeoning banking service also is developing flourishingly, many enterprise sortie financing are rented, the domain such as business of industrial catenary banking.

In the instantly that industrial Internet develops at full speed, the burgeoning banking service that is based on industrial catenary can drive an industry to upgrade, plastic, model changes an industry is an example.

As we have learned, dongguan market is one of spot market of the throughout the country’s biggest plastic raw material, its trade quantity, trade the forehead and discharge from dimensions of businessman of course of study in countrywide front row. Giant scale of production and area the dominant position is strong the development that drove plastic commerce and plastic industry, make of Dongguan plastic trade first what dimensions resides the whole nation for long, and the long-term prosperity of plastic to the whole nation industry provided solid safeguard.

Nevertheless, in recent years as home other the city that competitive advantage has on the industry is changed to rise abruptly in plastic, model, the competitive advantage of Dongguan is disappearing, how to realize industrial structural adjustment and transition to upgrade already very pressing.

Face finance of trade of general and plastic raw material to change, network, of high-end material demand custom-built change, muti_function change, how to urge industry company, through serving innovation, product innovation, management innovation, promote oneself competitive advantage, it is the serious problem that government, guild and enterprise itself face. Development of Dongguan city plastic estate promotes conference chairman Dang Yong to be in the report this year says on the report.

The author thinks, to Dongguan, industry and Internet technology photograph are united in wedlock, burgeoning finance serves reintroduce, perhaps be the answer that chooses by the market.

On one hand, trade in traditional commodity means is far already below the condition that cannot get used to current market economy, market of play electron business affairs configures medium fundamental sex action in commodity resource, promote an industry current efficiency through banner Internet platform technology and service, reduce current cost, ensure current security, with promoting whole industry catenary benign health develops in order.

On the other hand, the financial orgnaization support to plastic industry and form a complete set, already turned from inchoate bank for the supply of and other places of Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou catenary reachs firm of industrial catenary banking, financial product also rises from goods impawn, credit for product of series of industrial catenary finance, and collaboration has industry characteristic more, have depth more, and can promote bilateral market competition ability.

In recent years, the model that forms stage by stage in Dongguan changes platform of business affairs of industrial catenary electron, producing major effect to industry of whole and plastic chemical industry, the union of Internet of this profit from and burgeoning finance.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, this is helpful for realizing business affairs of electron of new material of plastic chemical industry and modern industry catenary to serve organic union, stimulative tradition model changes an industry from purchase, the much azimuth such as sale, imports and exports undertakes transition upgrades, can reduce current segment, reduce data of manufacturing industry industry to purchase cost, extend plastic trafficker the channel on the line, also can allow industry company purchase and commerce price implementation is open, fair, just, optimize resource configuration, reduce information asymmetry, realize sunshine commerce.

And, be based on what plastic, model changes the platform of electronic business affairs of industrial catenary to run, metropolis precipitation is in data of industrial catenary finance trade on platform, for the production with bank control real company management state offers strong basis; at the same time, deploy professional technology to differentiate content of the storage on group and close line to shed a system, the high grade sex that can ensure asset is carried can change neatly now, this kind of mode can aid financing of force substance industry effectively.

Save industry and business affairs of informatization domain electron as Guangdong pilot unit, alliance big group begins 7 years ago dedicated build industrial Internet platform at compose, this company’s subordinate delegate that greatly easily model has become afore-mentioned operation model to change platform of business affairs of industrial catenary electron, already was many 60 plastic chemical industry nowadays relevant enterprise begins service of industrial Internet innovation.

This company controller expresses, through making online trade resource of catenary of regular, integrated industry, assemble industrial big data, formed perfect stimulative industry chain liquid assets assess and the current system that sign a letter, facilitate infrastructure of information of better implementation new generation is built, make the industry deals to undertake in the standard below fair, safe environment, enhance industry each other to believe each other to connect.

oneself of big to alliance group, through old development, its battalion closed to achieve 5 times growth this year, taxation is synchronous also implementation times add. the Internet enterprise of this hypostatic to devoting oneself to a service economy, it is a good news undoubtedly.

Dongguan serves as manufacturing industry, it is catenary of the industry on the world most one of cities of all ready. The author believes, develop in the depth of Dongguan as industrial Internet and burgeoning banking industry, will more and more industries are endowed with can, come true thereby upgrade.