Boom of wrapping paper industry was spent 2018 or will go up continuously

According to relevant data analysis, 2018Wrapping paperIndustry or present such situation: Supply and demand puts in match basically, environmental protection strength lasts high pressure, waste paper imports quota to may drop. And wrapping paper industry falls in this circumstance, gain flexibility will still be released continuously, oligarch pattern is sent more highlight.
2016-2017 year paper value goes up considerably, the sweetness that bibcock enterprise is in high profit period
Industry of our country papermaking is in 2011-2015 year experienced bottom nature to go out clear, trade situation has tended reasonable, strength of overlay environmental protection is increased continuously, supply end goes out clear to quicken, 2016-2017 year paper value goes up considerably, the sweetness that bibcock enterprise is in high profit period.
Review 2018, put in as a result of the supply and demand that matchs basically, continuously the environmental protection policy with tight hasten, the gain flexibility of papermaking bibcock will still be released continuously, build chipboard piece main area still to good.
Environmental protection strength lasts high pressure, new increase production of wrapping paper industry can be born or suffocate suffocate
In wrapping paper market, inside course of study think industry new increase production can be controlled 5 million tons 2018 generally, but because environmental protection strict requirement causes a share,add a program newly to produce can likely midway goes aground or adjourn. In the meantime, wrapping paper demand maintains 5% right-and-left growth every year, because this foregone and real fall to the ground is produced,can affect to trade situation lesser.
And annual our country entranceBoard paper, Corrugated paperThe quantity is dinky, no matter paper value is fluctuant, board paper imports a quantity not to exceed 400 thousand tons, corrugated paper does not exceed 300 thousand tons, not big to influence of whole supply and demand. Accordingly, situation of supply and demand of wrapping paper trade will still maintain balance position possibly.
Waste paper imports quota or drop, wrapping paper industry will show oligarch pattern
From the point of the policy caliber 2018, quota of waste paper import and compared 2017, may appear the fall of certain level, bring about a country to abandon the price to go tall continuously thereby. But notable is, the specified amount that large paper mill acquires is spent will be more than small-sized paper mill far, this also will cause situation of industry occurrence oligarch.
In the meantime, centre of value of the paper that prop up moves to carry on centre of national useless price litre, and wrapping paper bibcock and be like article of Jiu Long, manage, Shan Ying to will obtain the gain flexibility that transcends an industry continuously.