Advanced oxidation law handles papermaking liquid waste

Advanced oxidation law is in recent years arisen water treatment technology, it can oxidize the contaminant in water directly mineral, be like CO2 and H2O, or translate into easily the material of biology degradation. The ·OH that arises in advanced combustion process is a kind of strong oxidant, it can oxidize major organic thing and reproducibility mineral. Advanced oxidation law has the following characteristic: Oxidisability strong, response is quick, can reduce TOC and DOC, raise biology degradation sex. This technology basically includes: Ozone (O3) combustion technology, cross oxidation hydrogen (H2O2) combustion technology, O3/H2O2 combustion technology, ultraviolet light (technology of combustion of UV)/H2O2 combustion technology, O3/H2O2/UV, titanium dioxide (TiO2)/UV combustion technology.
Smooth catalysis law can reduce chipboard to produce the organic contaminant load of liquid waste greatly, in COD content taller close in loop, its processing effect is best. Below optimized experimental condition, below sun’s rays with TiO2 collosol deepness handles papermaking middle liquid waste, can take off the color that eliminates liquid waste effectively, the purify rate of CODCr is as high as 90% . System of this smooth degradation besides can be in below sunshine and mercuric lamp of fluorescent high pressure outside the degradation that has waste water, also have certain degradation capacity in the cloudy day. Be in with activated carbon fiber (the TiO2 that ACF) is carrier is smooth in degradation system, the purify rate of liquid waste CODCr increases as the watch area of TiO2/ACF and rise, the CODCr after 40min can fall to achieve a balance gradually below to 100mg/L from 215mg/L, but when be like reoccupy of this system loop, the surface of TiO2/ACF has accumulated what can bring about CODCr of papermaking waste liquid instead greatly to rise. Traditional ozone standard can be used at the one class processing of papermaking liquid waste, its remove partial oxidation to organic matter, the purify rate of COD and TOC is consequently lower, if use ozone and activator combination, can assure the complete mineralization of organic matter, especially COD and TOC. The experiment shows catalytic ozone standard applies to the tertiary treatment of papermaking liquid waste, in handling a process COD and TOC show linear relevant, processing effect does not suffer the effect of liquid waste property.
To the purify of organic carbon in liquid waste of waste paper papermaking, smooth Fenton law has favorable processing effect. It is very effective that Fenton and processing of smooth Fenton union papermaking blanchs liquid waste, in handling the light source that process place uses, sun’s rays is better to the purify effect of TOC. In law of this one party, temperature is having main effect, a few O2 can ensure the process of reaction, and deliquescent Fe2+ cannot exceed 400mg/L. The processing effect of Fenton law is good, but H2O2 price is higher. In ensure the premise that handles the effect falls, if with other processing craft couplet is used, can reduce cost appropriately. The side is handled in the deepness of papermaking liquid waste, if fill electrode reactor adopts aeration, can defer positive pole not only corrode speed, return the stability that can assure water quality.