What do numerical control lathe and bed of general be open to traffic have to distinguish?

Numerical control machine tool- – it is digital control machine tool (Computernumericalcontrolmachinetools) abbreviation, it is a kind of automation machine tool of programme controll system. The main distinction of numerical control machine tool and general accuracy machine tool depends on: Numerical control machine tool contains numerical control system (programme controll system) , can realize automation treatment through weaving the program comes. And general accuracy machine tool is characteristic without this.    The treatment of numerical control machine tool to the spare parts process, it is strict the parameter that sets according to machine program place and movement carry out. It is a kind of efficient can automatic or semi-automatic machine tool, compare with photograph of general accuracy machine tool, have the following and apparent characteristic:    1, the treatment of the complex part that agrees with to the machine tool of treatment numerical control of complex abnormity spare parts can finish general accuracy machine tool hard or can be machined far from, because this is in,the treatment such as space navigation, shipbuilding, mould gets applied extensively in course of study.    2, treatment precision is tall   3, treatment stability realizes computer control reliably, eliminate factitious error, the treatment consistency of the spare parts is good, quality is stable and reliable.    4, when Gao Rou sex machines an object to change, need to change numerical control course only commonly, body reveals very good adaptability, can save production to plan time greatly. On the foundation of numerical control machine tool, can comprise have taller flexible automation makes a system – FMS   5, the precision of itself of machine tool of tall productivity numerical control is tall, rigid big, can choose advantageous treatment dosage, productivity is tall, the 3-5 that is general accuracy machine tool commonly times, to the treatment of certain and complex part, manufacturing efficiency can rise ten times even a few times. 6, rate of mechanization of work requirement good machine tool is high, intensity of operation staff work is reduced greatly, working environment is better.    7, be helpful for managing modernization to use numerical control machine tool to be helpful for be being controlled to the computer with management producer face develops, to realize production process automation created a condition.    8, investment is large, use cost is high   9, manufacturing preparation work is intricate as a result of whole treatment the process uses programme controll, the pre-construction work that numerical control processes is relatively intricate, contain technology affirmatory, to program.    10, the Electromechanical unifinication product that maintaining machine tool of difficult numerical control is a model, technical content is high, very tall to the technical requirement of maintenance technician.