The workshop of digitlization of lathe of high-grade numerical control that the Chinese Academy of Sciences develops is passed check and accept

On July 1, national intelligence is made special ” demonstrative project of development of workshop of digitlization of lathe of high-grade numerical control and application ” through checking and accept. The project is checked and accept can develop by Yunnan province and chair, invite concerned expert composition to check and accept a committee of experts, right ” demonstrative project of development of workshop of digitlization of lathe of high-grade numerical control and application ” undertook checking and accept. Check and accept a committee of experts to think this are tall compound, efficient, tall flexible, tall intelligence changes ” digitlization workshop ” , in domestic machine tool at present production industry still is belonged to first, the project realized multinomial technology innovation, obtain the technical positive result of plentiful and substantial, fill of partial project achievement the blank of domestic congener product, reached home banner, international is advanced level. Agree with a project consistently through checking and accept.    National strategy Information Industry implemented project of 20 major projects 2013, among them one of it is intelligent equipment is made. “Demonstrative project of development of workshop of digitlization of lathe of high-grade numerical control and application ” it is national intelligence make special in machine tool industry the project of first layout, accord with national policy to need, the aim that the project implements is the demonstrative business that should build intelligence to make in machine tool industry, for the machine tool entire industry takes the lead in realizing intelligence to make rise to lead action.    This project is built period 3 years, always invest 350 million yuan. The project is mixed by the treatment inside product line two parts are machined to comprise outside product line, the treatment inside product line basically assumes the precision work of the spare parts, the partial semifinishing machining that the treatment outside product line basically assumes a part and go up test and verify of the craft before the line. Project development content includes to digitlize workshop canal to charge system, intelligence machine tool research and intelligent processing technique, 5 (saddle of lathe bed, headstock, main shaft, bed, 3 / tailstock) spare parts of machine tool key is flexible product line and to it the line peripheral of form a complete set equipment, intelligence upgrades transform equipment, throw 91 in all / cover equipment composition. Implementation mixed flow is flexible make, automatic fluctuation makings, product identifies automatically and dog, online and automatic detect, breakdown of control of intelligence of product flow direction, intelligence is diagnosed, treatment parameter is optimized, manufacturing process real time monitoring and manufacturing management informatization.    Equipment numerical control changes project key rate achieve 100% , manufacturing efficiency is covered 100 times by lunar production rise to be covered to 300, product line personnel decreases 57.5% , bring down of specific power consumption 38.4% , working procedure of spare parts key makes check percent of pass by 64% rise to 96% , the product makes precision and stability rise significantly. Yunnan CY group is a purpose application demonstrative enterprise, the project upgrades to the transition of CY group and prospective development has important sense, came true by machine tool of stand-alone numerical control Xiang Zhi can be flexible the product structural adjustment that product line transforms; By intelligence flexible the industrial transition that product line transforms to digitlization workshop and even digital chemical plant upgrades; Serve to hi-tech by single equipment manufacturer and the system is compositive the change that uses trade. The project has solution of digitlization workshop whole and system the capacity that compositive applying, can have promotion application in equipment manufacturing industry.    The project is carried out advanced with digitlization, flexible change reach a system the progress that compositive technology makes equipment research and development and application for the intelligence of core, the research and development that will make our country creates a field in intelligence achieves the major breakthrough on the technology, fill the blank that equipment of our country high end makes, can replace foreign entrance. The project is carried out for Yunnan province ” China is made 2025 ” provided demonstrative project and applied case, become domestic master to make the model of the industry, make the homebred class that digitlizes equipment and level promote significantly.