The process designing treatment of numerical control lathe handles technology

The process designing treatment of numerical control lathe handles technology. 1. Determine the treatment place of workpiece and specific contentThe working procedure content that is needed to be finished on this machine tool by treatment workpiece certainly reachs the connection of its and around working procedure. (1) workpiece machines the circumstance before in this working procedure. For example cast, forging or good stuff, appearance, dimension, mental allowance. (The datum plane that the form that working procedure of the line before 2) already processed place, dimension or treatment of working procedure of the line before this working procedure needs give, fiducial aperture. (This 3) working procedure wants the place of treatment and specific content. (4) weaves to facilitate craft reachs a program, graph of the semifinished product before scale gives this working procedure to machine reachs this working procedure to machine a graph. 2. decides the outfit of workpiece places means and design clamping apparatus, the workpiece treatment position with firm already ground, fixed position is standard ask with clamp, choose or design fixture. Numerical control lathe uses 3 claw to hold workpiece; axis from centering chuck clip more kind workpiece still can use tailstock tip to support work. Because rotate speed of main shaft of numerical control lathe is extremely high, it is facilitating workpiece clamp, use chuck of motivation of hydraulic pressure high speed more, because it already carried strict balance in the manufacturer, have high rotate speed (limited speed can amount to 4000~6000r/min) , tall clamping force (force of the biggest push-pull is claw of 2000~8000N) , high accuracy, attune convenient, via, service life is long wait for an advantage. Still can use soft ungual clip to hold work, soft ungual dambered surface is made up randomly by handlers, the clip that can obtain ideal holds precision. Through adjusting oil cylinder pressure, changeable chuck clamping force, in order to satisfy the special need that clip supports Baobi and all sorts of changeful body work. Suffer force to be out of shape to reduce long and thin axis to add man-hour, raise treatment precision, and aperture axis is taken in treatment kind the Kong Shi inside workpiece, can use hydraulic pressure automatic centering center is worn, centering precision can amount to 0.03mm. 3. machines plan certainly(One) the principle that machines plan certainly, treatment program calls craft plan again, the treatment program of numerical control machine tool includes to make situation of working procedure, labor and the content such as course taking a knife. In process of treatment of numerical control machine tool, because treatment object is complex diversiform, especially the appearance of outline curve and position are Protean, add material different, batch is not coequal the influence of many sided element, when making treatment plan to specific spare parts, undertake concrete analysis and distinction are treated, agile processing. Only such, ability makes the treatment plan that makes sound, achieve Gao Hecheng of quality actor, efficiency thereby this low end. The general principle that makes treatment plan is: First thick hind essence of life, first close hind far, first inside hind outside, block is least, course taking a knife is the shortest and special situation is special processing. (1) first thick hind essence of life, manufacture efficiency to rise and assure the finish machining quality of the spare parts, when cutting is machined, arrange rough machining working procedure first, inside shorter time, the many mental allowance before finish machining (what if pursue,3-4 shows a share inside medium dotted line) take out, satisfy the surplus uniformity requirement of finish machining as far as possible at the same time. After rough machining working procedure is arranged, then arrangement changes the semifinishing machining that undertakes after the knife and finish machining. Among them, the purpose that arranges semifinishing machining is, when the uniformity that leaves surplus after rough machining cannot satisfy finish machining requirement, can arrange semifinishing machining to regard as transitional working procedure, so that make finish machining surplus small and even. It is OK to be being arranged when one knife or the finish machining process that many knife has, the final outline of its spare parts is machined continuously by last knife and become. At this moment, the position of knife of advance and retreat that machines cutting tool should consider appropriate, do not want to in successive outline arrangement cuts support of the people to be cut or change knife and stand as far as possible, lest be out of shape because of cutting force changes suddenly and creating flexibility, cause the generation on smooth join outline mutation of exterior cut, appearance or stop the defect such as knife mark is ill. (2) first close hind far, what what say here is far with close, it is to press treatment place to be apart from size at what nod to the knife relatively. Be in usually, it is especially when rough machining, normally arrangement leaves close to knife dot place to be machined first, from the treatment after choosing far place to the knife, so that shorten,cutting tool shift is apart from, reduce idle stroke time. To turning treatment, first close hind far be helpful for carrying wool blank or semi-manufactured goods rigid, improve its cutting condition.