The machine tool austral Jinnuoji extends power of master section reappearance

Nearly 500 arhat open full-court in all machine tool tool is revealed purchase storm

March 2018 27-29 day, machine tool of international of the 21st Jinan is exhibited heavy curtain will be pulled open in Jinan international exhibition center, join at present postpone a business near 500, enable Jinan international exhibition center in all 6 exhibit a house greatly, exhibit an area 40000 smooth rice, the professional audience that predicts to will attract 50000 person-time is present look around.

At the beginning of postponing operation from the machine tool austral Jinnuoji, sponsor convenient and affirmatory the theme that the 2018 machine tools austral Jinnuoji extend, make Shandong the province is dedicated clinch a deal the machine tool industry of the quantity is exhibited meeting, it is at the same time current exhibit can plan to join the ginseng that postpones business to exhibit in detail value and the visiting value of visiting business, started machine tool of 2018 gold Nuo to exhibit at the same time face the whole that exhibits business and user to serve a system, from hold “9.22”“10.26” , “1.16” to wait for a series of exhibiting business and activity of communication of technology of user close quarters, promotion exhibits the experience of the service after exhibiting of business and user.

The solution of technology of cutting tool of environmental protection of “ efficient · that will hold in Qingdao on September 22 among them communicated meeting ” to gather to originally especially Qingdao of group of heavy steam of the famous tool industry such as handkerchief of gram, Waerte, Yi Sika, Ma, Zhuo Le and China is versed in again, undertook splendid speech and technology are discussed.

The key of “ car component that at Jinan long Qing Dynasty will hold on October 26 makes technical spot answer doubt is met ” is integrated industry strength, the system is compositive the car is truckload the neat go into battle such as representing of industry of delegate of company of equipment of delegate of company of treatment of delegate of trade delegate, car component trade, domestic and international research organization and universities and colleges, machine, machine tool, tool, come from friend fine, Mu Ye, bottle hill, big river bend the engineer that waits for world name look forward to is to gave the spot to bring precious dried food to share more.

Still the manufacturing industry of “ air conditioning that ran at city of heart city fierce on January 16 purchases handler technology to discuss and seed profit wisdom go to groom guild of equipment of machine tool of city of guild of mould of city of class ” activity, peaceful on January 23 wave, Ning Bo and Ning Bo, mould of equipment of 500 more than machine tool is relevant enterprise colleague assemble.

Besides to exhibit business and user people the platform of technical communication respect is built with the service, golden Nuo machine tool exhibits same attention to exhibit meeting eve to exhibit business and user to understand each other deep more. Reason during the Spring Festival came 2018, jin Nuo close tie exhibits what in March the machine tool exhibits the Jinan international of 27-29 day to exhibit elegant demeanour greatly business old man, the ginseng that register exhibits intelligence equipment is covered more than times 400, the lord postponing business that the industry tastes above of many 100;80% newly expresses to will be in the send out between 27-29 date bought welfare in March, dozen fold, decrease completely, return the ” of “ skill in various types of combat such as benefit to make come out completely, the machine tool is highest and favourable 100 thousand, cutting tool is low to 4 tuck up, participate in activity of master section indulgence with all one’s strength.

Same, the work in the same placing that golden Nuo machine tool exhibits audience ministry force of the volley year ago, similarly hereinafter pace invites the line on the line to buy the home to look around greatly machine tool of international of Jinan of 27-29 day JM2018 was exhibited in March, fervent and ceaseless rest. 2017, buy the home to invited the footmark Xiang Na that restricts a group to had walked along and other places of Nanjing, Ning Bo, Guangzhou greatly, sought the big user that includes and other places of rich of Wei lane, Zi, Heibei, Shenyang north, walk along Iran of prep so far as of door going abroad even, for labor force machine tool of 2018 gold Nuo is exhibited do more by force bigger and ceaseless before row. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, up to now, golden Nuo machine tool is exhibited already incorporate into one’s own forces on 1000 large volume purchase demand clew smally.

Additional, nuo machine tool exhibited gold to still prepare Chinese seed profit meticulously to produce course of training camp characteristic to exhibit business and user, specially invite has old and alive group experience of work of 500 strong companies and the powerful actual combat that more than 10 years the enterprise seeks advice from actual combat experience consult expert adviser and instructor group, be aimed at cadre of collectivity of manufacturing industry enterprise, guide ponder over the production that solves this enterprise turnover rate of wasteful, improvement, quality, equipment, inventory, capital, shorten the pertinent question such as manufacturing cycle, aid force to break manufacturing industry low-level profit pattern, in order to achieve quick profit breakthrough.

March 2018 27-29 day, the machine tool austral Jinnuoji exhibits international exhibition center of the royal Jinan that start 6 exhibit a house greatly, 500 arhat carry tile of high-end intelligence equipment 40000 smooth rice wins battle master part. Full-court item on display is all ready, price privilege, 50 thousand person-time is true perform grab “ knife ” , grab anthology of mad drama of “ bed ” , sow 3 days repeatedly, miss without time put!

Sweep a code to be registered beforehand, machine tool of Jinan of the Nuo that enjoy gold exhibits VIP courteous reception!

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