Spark machine tool carries high-quality goods of center lathe product to appear on CIMT2015

On April 20, exhibition of machine tool of the 14th China International (CIMT2015) the center is exhibited in Beijing China International (new house) hold. Company of machine tool of day water spark carries company CK61100E/3m, CK6636/3m and CK61160/5m product of machine tool of these 3 numerical control appears exhibit meeting, caused domestic and international ginseng to exhibit the attention of travelling merchant. New old client comes round to look around in succession, negotiate collaboration, bearer of the forefathers that exhibit a stage is gone to, send lively picture.    CIMT2015 is sponsorred by association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, china International exhibits central group company to undertake, it is to be in ” new normal state ” the international machine tool that holds below big setting shows grand meeting. Accordingly, sponsor an unit will current exhibit the theme of the meeting to be certainly ” new normal state, new development ” . 2011 since second half of the year, industry of tool of our country machine tool suffers effect of economic big environment, market demand gross drops, put forward to optimize a structure to the enterprise, demand the new requirement that demands quality of essence of life, promotion newly.    Li Weiqian of president of company of machine tool of day water spark, general manager, liu Jiang of vise general manager and sale ministry, outside attended to exhibit via the sectional staff such as center of place, technology meeting. Face new situation, the company prepares actively, organize lathe of center lathe of 3 numerical control, pipe to wait for product of machine tool of large numerical control to enter current exhibition, at the same time constituent technology, salesperson attends exhibit meeting, understand industry change and market demand.    Exhibit during the meeting, sponsorred an unit to hold ” forum of international of CEO of manufacturing industry of 2015 machine tools ” and ” news briefing of news of international machine tool ” wait for a variety of technical communication activities, the industry commended in the meantime advanced unit. Afterwards of company of machine tool of day water spark was obtained 2014 ” have development latent capacity most 10 strong companies ” , selected ” China makes a trade 10 get greatly army ” after the enterprise, be in again exhibit of the meeting ” news briefing of news of international machine tool ” on the association of industry of tool of machine tool of 2014 degrees of China that has the honor to win association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool to choose ” 30 strong companies ” honorary title. Company president Li Weiqian attended news news briefing and appearance receive award.