Science and technology of Taiwan Li Chi appears on Changzhou machine tool 6 times to exhibit continuously

Machine tool of international of the 6th 2018 Changzhou is exhibited will in May 18-20 day is in international of Changzhou Xi Taihu reads extensively the center is held grandly, at during be about to begin, as international science and technology of Li Chi of — of enterprise of machine tool of famous numerical control signs up successfully again Changzhou machine tool is exhibited, so far, li Chi science and technology is joined 6 years continuously exhibit Changzhou machine tool, will carry numerous new product to appear on Changzhou machine tool to exhibit once more, invite you to go to this one industry to purchase admiral regale in all!

Inc. of science and technology of Taiwan Li Chi basically produces production machining center, numerical control machine tool, accurate machinery and opportunity of supersonic wave treatment. Sale area pervades whole world, staple market includes: Euramerican, the industrialized country such as South America and chinese mainland. It is the characteristic of Taiwan Li Chi to the indefatigable pursuit of precision and quality, also be Taiwan Li Chi of each employee idiosyncratic, li Chi innovates with modular design concept product, achieve hold a product function and manufacturing efficiency requirement concurrently. Products plan in order to use person demand is jumping-off place, personnel of research and development can be made according to the client’s demand instantly answer. “ is sustainable manage, come from Yu Jian to hold character ” , here character policy falls, li Chi will offer a client ceaselessly most the product that accords with need and the most high quality after service.

Exhibit at machine tool of international of the 6th 2018 Changzhou during be about to kick off, taiwan Li Chi makes an appointment to read extensively in international of Changzhou Xi Taihu with you again center, invite you to cooperate at us cordially, achieve the new era of high-tech machinery in all.

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