Qualitative check total bureau: Project of lathe of 1 batch numerical control does not accord with a standard

On March 15, qualitative check total bureau is announced country of quality of the 1st batch of 25 kinds of products was supervised 2016 selective examination the bulletin of the circumstance. The bulletin says, came in December 2015 in Feburary 2016, organization of qualitative check total bureau was begun the country of quality of 25 kinds of products such as underwear of the 1st batch of knitting was supervised 2016 selective examination, involve daily expense and textile, electron electric equipment, light industrial product, building and adornment decorate material, machinery to reach how to prevent wait for 5 kinds of products.    Among them, 2016 the 1st batch, selectived examination in all the product of lathe of 29 batch numerical control that 29 enterprises produce 7 provinces such as Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Chongqing, municipality directly under the Central Government.    This second selective examination basis GB15760-2004 ” safety of metallic cutting machine tool defends current technology condition ” , GB5226.1-2008 ” mechanical and electric safe machine is electric equipment the 1st part: Current technology condition ” the requirement that waits for a standard, to product of numerical control lathe twine the as dangerous as be involved in, spacing device, device that prevent a pine, blame to stop normally, interlocking protection, clip holds device, safe guard, start, stop, urgent stop, mode choice, splatter, control system safety and reliable, mains switch, .    Selective examination the regulation that discovers project of mains switch of 1 batch product not to accord with a standard.