Own innovation hardship is homebred the machine tool is powerful and prosperous great distance

Export a nation as the biggest machine tool on the world, our country is owning a giant machine tool property, arrive from machining center, engraving tool robot of laser, industry, the industry enclothed each corners of the machine tool almost. But do in industry dimensions big while, “ is big and not the problem of ” of essence of life, “ is big and not strong ” is highlighted increasingly however.

According to industry of machine tool of Chinese numerical control development foreground forecasts a report, be in at present respect of machine tool of high-end numerical control, domestic product is occupied only 2% , and gaining ground model in numerical control machine tool, although homebred change rate achieve 70% the left and right sides, but among machine tool of homebred numerical control system of numerical control of about 80% use abroad. Side of integral market demand, high-grade machine tool holds 10% share.

Can see from which, machine tool of homebred numerical control is gaining ground model occupy with economy machine tool taller, but numerical control system including in high-end product side still is blank almost. And high-grade machine tool held very high proportion in market demand, fill demand breach needs to rely on many entrance. And, upgrade as the transition of the adjustment of industry structure and enterprise, gain ground model occupy with the demand of economy machine tool decrease relatively than meeting, the market share of high-end machine tool can rise gradually. And in respect of high-grade machine tool, the lack of own innovation is the main difficult problem that homebred machine tool faces.

In the core technology domain of high-end machine tool, include numerical control system and servo drive, wait for the developed country photograph that experienced hundred years precipitation to compare with Derimei, china is existing to lag behind certainly. “ is backward be about to take a beating ” , depending on the control to the technology and forestall, western country masters the speech of machine tool imports and exports to counterpoise not only, still undertook to our country close technology blocks.

Before this, the machine tool of high-grade numerical control that Shenyang machine tool ever had bought Japan is used do a test. Day the position just places his to decide in just asking above all, if want shift to be about to apply for afresh, otherwise the machine will be died by the lock. In addition, abroad still is photographed in the installation on the machine tool sometimes like the head, monitoring component is machined. Technical block of abroad shakes “ somewhat nowadays, but also be us control is on certain level, the product that sells home maintains same level completely. Chief says related ” Shenyang machine tool. So the technical research and development of high-end machine tool, still need to rely on own innovation.

And own innovation respect, homebred machine tool is facing great difficult problem likewise. On one hand, on market environment, our country is at present medium low end machine tool demand has very large proportion, it is oriented civilian battalion enterprise with the market so mostly with in low end machine tool production is given priority to, the research and development of high-end machine tool can rely on enterprise of a few large state-operated to be propped up hard only. ” of “ one person alone cannot saving the situation, only the sends force to make homebred machine tool very hard flourishing development of the state-owend enterprise.

On the other hand, unlike other industry, research and development of machine tool technology needs a lengthy process, and accompany follow a many time, capital, manpower use up. Average company cannot assume such using up, and a lot of moment because of the process endless, waited for a product to finish, result technology outdated. The difficulty that innovates independently at present so big, difficulty is tall.

The individual thinks, the machine tool regards the mother of “ industry as ” , the machine tool of production machine, can say industrial foundation, Chongzhongzhi is heavy. It is affecting the development of each respects such as our country manufacturing industry, national defence, aerospace. And should change current current situation, do not rely on some respect to exert oneself to be able to be solved, need includes each respect joint effortses such as government, enterprise, society, individual, ability raises the own innovation of machine tool industry truly, increase the additional value of the product. Anyhow, of industry of our country machine tool do do greatly still have by force very a paragraph long the route should go.

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