Level of complete province mechanization of farming is amounted to 96.8%


Original title: Level of complete province mechanization of farming is amounted to 96.8%

Reporter of report from our correspondent saves job of mechanization of main crop whole journey to advance completely from what held a few days ago reach a technology to groom the know on the meeting, I saved main crop 2017 integrated mechanization level is achieved 96.8% , increase 0.9 percent than 2016, continue to get run the whole nation. Total motive force of complete province agriculture machinery amounts to fifty-eight million one hundred and thirty-eight thousand kilowatt, the tractor retains the quantity amounts to 1.605 million, among them tractor of 100 horsepower above 36 thousand, structure of agriculture machinery equipment optimizes; complete province to finish mechanization in all continuously autumn soil preparation one hundred and thirty-three million four hundred and fifty thousand mus, mechanization harvests an area to amount to two hundred and ten million two hundred and seventy thousand mus, high level agriculture machinery changed exercise to come true 100% long-range and automatic detect.

Agriculture cultivates structural adjustment pace to accelerated development of pair of mechanization of farming to raise taller requirement ceaselessly. This year, my province will get used to sex of structure of agricultural supply side to reform demand, it is development target with agriculture of contemporary green zoology, overall change agriculture machinery changes development way, raise level of equipment of key agriculture machinery hard. Active promotion accords with the agriculture machinery equipment that form a complete set asks, the mechanization standard that promotes the production such as processing of plant protection, straw, drying link, raise the level of economic crop mechanization such as vegetable, fill to because cultivate the agriculture machinery that structural adjustment causes,be changed together as soon as possible short board, accelerate compose to build commissariat to produce system of technology of whole journey mechanization. Strengthen establishment agriculture, aquaculture and research and development of technology of upland and a mountainous area mechanization and demonstrative promotion, do increment of good machines and tools, dish vivid machines and tools puts an amount, cultivate structural adjustment to offer for key area agriculture prop up effectively. Continue a deep loose soil preparation, avoid sow n cultivated land, the machines and tools that straw returns the technology of green increase production such as Tian Litian to apply place to need includes buy machine allowance to open wide items. Dung of birds of deep fertilization of side of active exploration paddy, cultivate corrupt resource changes the allowance mechanism that uses agriculture machinery equipment, accelerate at the same time wash out specific power consumption tall, pollution the old old machine with heavy, small function, stimulative agriculture high yield and environmental protection synchronism develop.

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