Lathe of appearance of installation numerical control has what note

The attention when installing lathe of numerical control appearance prevents slideway to be out of shape, bed foot and working mesa maintain a level.    Advocate electric machinery has a level the buy in leather belt annulus and perpendicular leather belt annulus side buy installs means two kinds:    Horizontal installation electric machinery and machine tool are in same plane; Installation of perpendicular electric machinery is in machine tool lower part.    The V-belt of coupling main shaft and electric machinery must adjust the rate with appropriate degree of tightness.    After use period of time, want to undertake be adjustmented appropriately to bearing of machine tool main shaft, ensure the best clearance of bearing, in order to assure the stability of the use effect of the machine tool and product, improve the service life of main shaft bearing.    Lathe of numerical control appearance uses work of pinchcock head clamp commonly, before switching on the mobile phone, must affirm extremelying He Wei and you are mixed all round safety of other personnel person and the hidden trouble existence with safe facilities.    The machine tool is Electromechanical unifinication design, the ability after beard classics grooms operates a machine tool.