Kaheli carries ginseng of numerical control lathe to exhibit China International machinery to be versed in course of study is exhibited

On March 19, 2015 – exhibition of industry of machinery of 22 days of the 16th China International in Ning Bo the international exhibition center is held grandly. Can be bridge in order to exhibit, associate with is broad and potential client; It is ligament with the product, deliver machine tool product powerful energy. In this second exhibit on the meeting, dedicated the Ning Bo that makes at lathe blocks hertz benefit machine tool to make limited company be exhibited from numerous ginseng show itself in the businessman, compound machining center becomes mill of car of lathe bed of marble of item on display exhibit one of window on the meeting. Production limited company of machine tool of benefit of conspicuous of Ning Bo card is dedicated the production at numerical control lathe, the research that is enmeshed at domain of numerical control lathe already had more than 10 years, the technology that pays attention to numerical control lathe innovates. Company product is full of moderate of characteristic, price, invite a client with the smallest consumption, can create the biggest increase, get of user of broad machine tool love. Grip tendency of the day, to open market of peaceful wave region further, get more market share inside machine tool industry, machine tool of benefit of conspicuous of card of business of domestic famous machine tool attended machinist of this China International course of study is exhibited, can undertake conduct propaganda actively through exhibiting. Exhibit meeting site, the product of characteristic machine tool that Kaheli exhibited an audience to reveal lathe bed of much money marble to broad ginseng, include the line course that TC630, TC650 sells well twice to make the same score lathe of lathe bed numerical control and Che Xi among them machine tool of compound numerical control. The product characteristic that is aimed at machine tool of benefit blocking hertz and after service two respects, the reporter blocks what hertz benefit machine tool creates limited company to wore a manager to undertake interviewing to Ning Bo. Wear a manager to tell a reporter, the machine tool of marble lathe bed of research and development of benefit blocking hertz is not only on material more environmental protection, and not changeful form. Machine tool of brand of benefit blocking hertz has the character that high accuracy, efficient, Jing Yin produces, aid force client to improve work efficiency not only, also can operate personnel to create an easy operation environment for the machine tool. In after service respect, kaheli was built from carry out before, the service system of the unifinication after carry out arriving in carry out, act on ” excelsior make a product, actor or actress heart and soul service ” concept, it is difficult that for the client platoon care is solved. Benefit blocking hertz is OK the different need according to every client, for the client the quantity has something made to order personally numerical control private plane. No matter because the person is operation or natural disaster,Kaheli’s machine tool is and attaint, acceptance of benefit blocking hertz reachs the spot inside 24 hours, solve difficult problem for the client. It is reported, the economic center city that Ning Bo is the ala austral Chinese long delta, also be China’s main manufacturing industry base at the same time. In recent years, speed of development of peaceful wave industry is swift and violent, the industrial product production value such as Electromechanical equipment, machine tool, bearing already exceeded 700 billion yuan last year. Ning Bo blocks hertz benefit machine tool to regard Ning Bo as enterprise of native land and famous machine tool, in Ning Bo and even win universal praise of total national capital. 2015, peaceful Bokaheli will make persistent efforts, make treatment good machine with sincerity and technology, offer high grade product for user of broad machine tool, aid push ” China is made 2025 ” industry upgrades. Also hope to pass the person of the same trade’s communication, promote the comprehensive strength of the enterprise greatly.