How should vertical machining center uphold commonly used part at ordinary times?

Vertical machining center regards the treatment of high automation as equipment, when be used for long or be operated by accident, can appear such or in that way breakdown, so we should have done work of daily care and maintenance. For this, small the technical personnel that made up specially to consult limited company of machine tool of numerical control of Chongqing essence favour, get the following verdict:    1, electromotor of servo of vertical machining center and part of main shaft electromotor   Servo electric machinery and the dynamical source that controlling a system is a machine tool and place of precision pilot key, the key checks noise and temperature rise. If noise or temperature rise are too big, the parameter that should be being found out is the mechanical problem such as bearing or as suitable as its amplifier sets an issue, adopt relevant measure to try to solve. If appear,servo axis is in in motion unusual sound, it is the mechanical noise that causes as a result of as guide screw, shaft coupling, different as servo electromotor heart likely, but electromotor of vertical machining center and shaft coupling come away, run electromotor alone, if electromotor still has noise, so proper adjust speed annulus gain and positional annulus gain, make electromotor breathed, if do not have noise, judgement is guide screw and shaft coupling homocentric spend a question, new and corrective homocentric degree, join with electromotor again, the problem can be eliminated commonly. 2, vertical machining center measures feedback component   Measure feedback include coder, grating feet, often should check detect whether does each component join become loose, whether be polluted by oily fluid or dirt, dirt and petty scrap minor details mar this kind of component likely.    3, vertical machining center is electric control a share   Often check join machine tool outside it is normal to receive voltage of three-phase power source; Link of component of examination electric equipment is nice; CRT of have the aid of shows diagnostic picture checks of all kinds switch effective; It is normal to check each relay, contactor to work, contact is good; Hot relay, electric arc is restrained implement wait for protection component is significant; Examination vertical machining center is electric cabinet is inner yuan of parts of an apparatus whether temperature is exorbitant. Undesirable to contactor contact contact, can ravel contactor, with the high temperature oxide of surface of contact of little file hilt defeat is dropped, mix with pledget next alcohol will be sundry brush piece, assemble afresh, reoccupy avometer undertakes guiding connecting a test to contact.    4, system of numerical control of vertical machining center controls a share   Control system includes numerical control unit, power source module, i/O interface, servo amplifier, main shaft amplifier, operate face plate, monitor. In safeguarding, basically be to check each concerned voltage value to whether be inside formulary limits; Whether does electric component join have become loose; The fan movement of each function module is normal, the dirt on cleared fan and filter dirt net.