Group of SW of China of settle of supplier of high end of much main shaft open brand-new journey

Last year in October, suzhou — the supplier of solution of machining center of much main shaft with banner whole world limited company of machine tool of German dust Si Wei (SW company) its were held in area of Suzhou industry garden the activity of royal practice celebration of Suzhou new plant. Chinese division general manager Mr Norbert Wiest expresses Aisiwei, SW(Suzhou) build a mark to wear SW group entered a brand-new phase in the development of Chinese market, suzhou factory is SW company be in first beyond Germany abroad factory, proved pair of China markets adequately take seriously and the determination of base oneself upon at China. This also is China of settle of supplier of high end of the first many main shaft. Settle China, deepen this locality to change a serviceMr Norbert Wiest says to the reporter, aisiwei machine tool (Suzhou) limited company always invests 17.5 million euro, the factory covers an area of nearly 18000 square metre, already had the SW naked machine that installs an entrance formerly in Germany to finish the service that makes key plan now, only of a workshop produce per year can can realize 44. In the meantime, suzhou factory still assembled the client is custom-built service, check and accept beforehand, try cut, the technology is revealed, groom, the multinomial function such as spare parts storehouse, after service. SW devotes oneself to the will most perfect service chain belt to give all China the client. Additional, 3 earths area serves southern, northward, southwest of the ministry establish, can be in more resolve all problems and demand for the client for a short while. “Of Suzhou factory holding water is the important milestone that SW company grows in Chinese market, also indicating the formal be born that our this locality changes the strategy. For can more client of press close to, accomplish true this locality to change a service, SW also made the effort of a lot of respects. German design, China is assembled, more accord with this locality client effective demand: Real opportunity grooms, spot craft, promote technology of this locality staff the standard ceaselessly; Ministry of 3 great services, much ground is enclothed, resolve client question for a short while; Many storehouse, store can powerful, satisfy client requirement as far as possible. The client that SW Suzhou factory can hold to to be China and even Asia-Pacific area is offerred most high grade change a service with convenient this locality, perserve develop and market of deep ploughing China. ” Mr Norbert Wiest still expresses. Much main shaft lies add top class supplierSince establish was core product with machining center of horizontal of much main shaft 1984, SW from beginning to end the research and development of this product mixes involve make. The product of SW basically is used at machining the steely spare parts of different measurement and spare parts of cutting of aluminium alloy high speed. Great reputation is enjoyed in very high to crop, precision and efficiency requirement automobile industry, hydraulic pressure industry and aviation domain. All machine tools of SW provide very high technology content, arrive from grating feet linear electric machinery, two end prop up clamping apparatus workbench and pitching moment electric machinery. For the design respect from the machine tool, SW owns patent of integral frame type the multinomial and peculiar technology such as design of workbench of double beam of design of workbench of type of design, rectangular beam and cradle type. Introduce according to Mr Norbert Wiest, the patent design of structure of lathe bed of integral frame type is the technical advantage that SW horizontal machining center has a characteristic most, the main purpose of this design is to realize the production of stability of high accuracy, high quality, SW says for ” QUBE Construction ” . The horizontal of main shaft installs what be helpful for scrap in machining a process to eliminate, make handlers more the treatment process that watchs machine tool interior easily. Cradle type duplex operation makes what work has in another workbench while the design concept of the stage can realize treatment assemble and unassemble. Such design avoided to be in assemble and unassemble semifinished product and when processing work stop machine, and can operate place of automatic outfit remove stage makeup and costume directly, to most project, a SW machine tool that contains 4 axes or 5 axes linkage can install clip to complete a work through two the treatment of all high accuracy. And identical crop, to still using the user that machine tool of sheet main shaft produces, need to pass outfit clip and implementation of many operation personnel ability for many times. City plant always invests Aisiweisu 17.5 million euro, the factory covers an area of nearly 18000 square metre, already had the SW naked machine that installs an entrance formerly in Germany to finish the job that makes key plan now, only of a workshop produce per year can can realize 44. SW aids force China to make 2025Attentive person discovers not hard, there are a such small characters on the side of indicate in SW company — ) of expert of engineering technology of The Technology People(. This is the management concept of SW. This expresses, SW is distributors of a machine tool not merely absolutely just, SW is its employee more those who pay attention to is how optimal the client of technical experience help that uses a machine tool solves a problem, offer integral solution to make thereby for them the client’s production more the company that profit turns. “Specific for, need the part of treatment in the light of the client namely, help them choose a machine tool that suits most, offer the manufacturing solution of highest effect, economy for them. ” the place that Mr Norbert Wiest emphasizes this is SW core value. Create a company besides car component, these need the industry such as hydraulic pressure, atmospheric pressure the key client that large quantities of manufacturer that measure treatment also are SW company, its product can use casting die of treatment industry fluid and casting die of car carrier fluid. To heavy cut and high speed cutting, SW has substantial product line to get used to different measurement, the spare parts that different capable person asks with different treatment character. Accordingly, SW is in at the beginning of entering Chinese market, had had the applied experience with global automobile manufacturing industry and hydraulic pressure rich industry, so of the solution offerring ability to be able to say is SW in the another a magic weapon besides the product. This also is why SW can be in short-term inside obtain Chinese mainland the main reason that famous car manufacturer favors. “In recent years, china is experiencing production transition to upgrade, intelligence is made and the concept of industrial automation warms up ceaselessly, the government also puts forward ‘ China is made 2025 ‘ development program, these Germany that always hold to with SW ‘ industry 4 ‘ concept special agree. No matter be from SW efficient itself of high quality machine tool product, still buy new company to promote automation level to look ceaselessly from us, we clutch the opportunity that contemporary China industry expands transition quickly. It is orderly that SW Suzhou factory plans next industry 4 executive plan deliver China stage by stage, for Chinese industrialization development brings positive effect. ” interview finally, acceptance of Mr Norbert Wiest says.