Collect of numerous Shang Yun holds business chance! The machine tool exhibited Qingdao of party gold Nuo in March

Fair of annual equipment of processing technique of metal of Chinese Qingdao international (MWEXPO) in March 2018 9—11 day is in the Qingdao international exhibition center with a mountainous area Lao is held ceremoniously! Provide most to make region of bay of annulus Bohai Sea the consequence, most professional purchase grand ceremony, extend power of meeting assemble numerous multimedia, use Internet thinking, demand of straight face user, offer purchase good chance!

Exhibit meeting accumulating this to break through 40 thousand square metre, install ginseng of 6 big themes to exhibit, include of limits of item on display the metal shapes component of machine tool, metallic cutting machine tool, non-traditional machine tool, function, robot, measure, cutting tool, fastener. The product of everything needed is ready and the service that machine equipment, high grade major, can satisfy a metal to machine a domain the manufacturing need of all sorts of products, take you to be close to major to buy the home more, offer for you purchase good chance superexcellently!

The brand exhibits business to gather, favourable activity is constant

As social progress, economic development, exhibition of equipment of processing technique of metal of Chinese Qingdao international became bay of annulus Bohai Sea the manufacturing industry major of the earliest the most negative great reputation is exhibited meeting, machine equipment exhibition to join the metal that exhibits an enterprise to offer the biggest business chance. 2018, treatment of “ Qingdao metal exhibited ” to stride the 16th with good posture, attracted ginseng of each big well-known company to exhibit, what all previous ginseng exhibits is famous exhibit business to have: Send campstool of Qi of that division, hill to overcome China of \ small giant, 3 water chestnut, He Ke, SamSung, ferry to go up, DMC, Meisaier, fertile must, force of Jin Feng, raise, bay Ma is special, easy forge, assist easy, .

Spot surprise one:

Attend freely exhibit can learn by Shandong province automation on March 9, assist machine of essence of easy science and technology (China) limited company sponsors ” assist drawing of easy servo punching machine and shaping application ” new technology forum.

Spot surprise 2:

Golden Nuo machine tool exhibits good material benefits- – join Chinese seed profit freely to make training run!

Spot surprise 3:

Qingdao lustre accuses to carry Taiwan essence to show silk of don’t go yet and Kun Shande to roll out accurate machinery “ head pay 10 thousand yuan rise, equipment brings back the activity of a ” , what still waiting for? ? ? At once the action rises, the credit intelligence that prepares you looks around quickly!

Of high end reveal platform, share newest technical achievement and products plan

Of high end reveal platform, allow a company get industrial policy to direct for a short while reach an industry to develop a tendency. The product is shown inside interactive environment, share newest technical achievement and products plan, obtain come from the direct feedback that the user reachs inside course of study, the actor weakness that understands oneself effectively and reach the path of corresponding settlement, conduce to maintain the market competition ability and famous degree. This second exhibit meeting will produce its biggest effect, the development that promotes Shandong region manufacturing industry more go up tall building!

It is better to be make “ transition, innovation, make, the grand meeting that environmental protection ” gives priority to a problem, facilities of treatment of Qingdao international metal and technology are exhibited collected force of many 80 media, provide professional open platform, investment makes trade, rise in the round exhibit the interactive sex of the meeting. Introduce China to make net of net, Chinese machine tool, Chinese metal net, laser make net, golden machine network, Ai Made net of cutting tool of net of business affairs of net of international mould net, mould market conditions, China cutting tool, macrocosm, , face professional personage, meticulous and comprehensive introduction is exhibited can cover an area of an area to amount to 40000 square metre, among them item on display basically includes metallic forming machine component of machine tool of cutting of bed, metal, non-traditional machine tool, function, measure, cutting tool, fastener, cover a field extensive, classification is meticulous.

Information creates value, upgrade in this the Internet of iteration + times, hold business chance to wait can seize an opportunity. Effective propagandist platform became Chongzhongzhi to weigh. A year during in Yu Chun, rikainian purchased 9-11 first times in March grand meeting expects please!

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