Before fontal city will import whole set of equipment in July times add a machine tool kind equipment batch is most

Fontal city examines quarantine bureau released data to show a few days ago, 1-7 month, this bureau examines in all superintendency entrance whole set of equipment 252 batches, goods is worth 195 million dollar, grow 44.83% respectively compared to the same period, 105.18% .    Data shows, since this year, the whole set of equipment that fontal look forward to imports basically has machining center kind, spin printing and dyeing kind, photoelectricity kind, feed category machinery to wait, among them with the machine tool kind equipment batch is most. Before July, accumulative total of fontal city port imports a machine tool kind mechanical equipment amounts to 137 batches, grow 73.41% compared to the same period. These equipment that come from the United States, Germany, Japan and Taiwan area covered machining center of automatic lathe, vertical, Che Xi compound machining center and metallic muller. Take industrial town of military importance as the shoe, before in July, the printing and dyeing of of all kinds spin that fontal city port imports kind worth of mechanical equipment money is the biggest, amount to 49.8 million dollar, grow 239.69% considerably. These entrance equipment included the computer horizontal stroke with advanced whole world to make up horizontal stroke of jacquard weave of machine, computer to make up machine of machine, printing of digital ink jet to wait. With south the computer horizontal stroke that profit group imports is made up machine for exemple, degree of automation, standardization promotes considerably, can come true a worker operates 8-10 station machine at the same time.