Abundant: Small-sized machinery operates difficult farmer to long for real operation to groom

China dragon net on April 2 14 when near future of 30 minutes of dispatch, production of each district spring ploughing is fervent in undertaking, the author interviews discovery in many village companies, the villager drives small-sized small agrarian plane freelies the ground works easily, save labour efficient. Nevertheless, also company of a few villages sees the setting of mechanical exercise rarely. The author asks, because won’t be operated,be informed most before person is.

Be in a country, many black prime of life goes out, the old person that stays behind to be in labour force majority of the home 669 years old, because able-bodied person is young, cannot cultivate one year how many cropland, because this causes not little Tian Tu,go out of cultivation. To encourage grain farming much cultivate land, productive commissariat, the country also came on stage to buy policy of agriculture machinery allowance. Be in a few out-of-the-way village, dimensions is cultivated little, land gradient is big, plot is small, large machinery cannot gain ground, but, only a few jins of heavy small-sized cultivation machine can be used as far as possible. The author visits discovery, some villages are only 9 small-sized small agrarian plane, nevertheless, handling mechanical person is ever outer working youth, they also are outer acquired little technology, still can’t education. Circumjacent villager wants to buy a same small agrarian plane, but because won’t be operated, perhaps do not know where to can learn to manipulate a technology and abandon.

Annual, various government is in begin 3 farming service, help farmer solves difficult problem, aid promote agricultural development, all sorts of skill groom the activity is not little also, author discovery is to be aimed at personnel of kind of grain large family, technology mostly, grow breed hotshot, these philtrum are relatively young, have knowledge, but went up in the light of those the Laozhuang of age sow Chinese is opposite less. Accordingly, many villagers suggest, the branch can send technical personnel villages and towns related the hope, in field undertake the scene is operated actually groom, let machinery get popular very much more, raise a farmer to cultivate efficiency.

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