Why is also made in China home appliance product stuck in Germany?

Speaking of manufacturing, have to mention two typical countries, by the quality achievement his honor by Germany, and to the occupying most of the global production order number of Chinese.Every time I mentioned the two home appliance manufacturing powerhouse, Germany there is no doubt to the rigorous design and good quality achieved the status of the world’s top manufacturing;While the made in China is the low price, high cost performance, in, rapid achievement of names of Chinese manufacturing power.But after the author took part in this year’s IFA, found a strange problem, is also made in China, it happened that the development of China in recent years in the home appliance product unknown in Europe, even struggling.Germany is the world’s leading home appliance manufacturer, through our familiar miele, Siemens, Bosch, these top home appliance enterprise, Germany home appliance design rigorous, solid work, the product performance is good, and as the origin, home appliance products in technology have very good inheritance, the comprehensive advantage has produced German electrical appliances to make a good impression in the consumers’ mind, also let the German electrical appliances in the success of the home appliance market in the world has a large market share.So, the Chinese electrical appliances?Because China’s large population, in terms of product manufacturing has the advantages of low cost, fast, a lot of Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea enterprises have begun to choose a factory in China or directly imported from China, it also contributed to the booming development of China’s manufacturing industry.But China’s manufacturing industry, both from the manufacturing technology and product quality control, in a few years ago with a larger gap between the world’s average level, this can make Chinese products, especially the electrical appliances product is hard to enter the mainstream in the local market.Why Germany consumers & other;Difficult & throughout;So we come back to continue to see electrical appliances product, Europe is the birthplace of home appliances products, europeans for electrical appliances product has a very profound cognition and continuity.Through the baptism of the two world wars, Europe has by leaps and bounds in manufacturing and product design, the European consumer perception of electrical appliances product is also can’t be matched by other areas of consumer depth.Coupled with Europe’s social common society hedonism, European consumers on product quality, workmanship and use the experience very much.As Germany is one of the typical household appliances power, German consumers are relatively rigid and serious ideas deeply influenced their attitude towards life and the cognition of product.They try and change in life too much, but after time validation and inheritance of products is their best choice.Germany brand after years of heritage and development, a better understanding of the life of European consumers or German consumer habits and the actual demand in life, so in terms of the design of the product to win the favor of the European consumers.Along with the development of science and technology and consumption upgrade caused by the change, the emergence of intelligent and humanization idea, quickly won the European consumer recognition.European household appliance enterprises in the whole house of trying to make a few years ago appliance design or integral space electrical appliances connected, in recent years have begun to pay off.European intelligent electrical appliances manufacturers of the product to a more practical direction, hope that through the function of the intelligent more actual solve the problem of consumer encountered in life, let consumers can enjoy the pleasure of life better, instead of spending time on the heavy family work.While the Chinese electrical appliances manufacturers still lacks the more practical in terms of intelligence is practical, we see a lot of & other;Intelligent home appliances & throughout;Exhibit more is & other;In order to intelligence and intelligence & throughout;, this design obviously lack certain sureness.Why the Chinese brand in Europe through in recent years the rapid development of the handicapped, the Chinese electrical appliances industry have fundamentally out of once & other;Shanzhai & throughout;, & otherChurn out & throughout;, & otherFake & throughout;The nature of the product.In a wave of intelligent and rapid development in recent years, the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise and intelligent household enterprises in technology has reached the forefront of the world, and even in some areas have been more than Europe.Accompanied with the process of the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise continuously to the development of the world, the Chinese electrical appliances in the world have a lot of market share has been successful, and even some old foreign home appliance enterprise acquisition by Chinese companies, such as American GE and Thomson of France.Although China is developing rapidly in recent years in home appliances and intelligent, but because of the start time later, still with the European home appliance field there is a big gap, especially in the area of product design and manufacturing details.These technical content is not rely on short time improvement solution can be quickly, it needs a long period of time the accumulation of experience and a lot of understanding of users’ habit.The lack of these details, for the Chinese home appliance market may not have too big effect, after all, the Chinese consumer’s perception of home appliance also shallow.But for overseas markets, these problems are enough to lead to critical germans on the Chinese electrical appliances cold as ice.In September this year, we attend the IFA show in Germany, has been on home appliance sells Europe and pedestrian street random interviews, we found that European consumers when home appliance of choose and buy is not attached to the product price, but pay more attention to the actual use of the product experience, if the product can let them enjoy a better experience, or better for them to solve problems in life, they don’t mind to spend more on product.And these more detail problem, based on technology and is not a short time can make up for the production, the problem is also really missing at present Chinese home appliance brand.So, the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise, if the Chinese electrical appliances whether really want to enter into Europe, impress square conservative German again, still need to get a better sales in the domestic market, are more focused, serious study user’s real needs, to make their products more practical.Only in this way, can let the Chinese electrical appliances product really be benign development.(the original title: why is also made in China home appliance product stuck in Germany?)(source: People’s Daily online)