Look from CIMT2017 domestic development trend of numerical control technology

Held in April 17 to 22, 2017, the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017), domestic or foreign famous enterprises and CNC machine tool manufacturing enterprise active participation, exhibited many enterprise configuration home-made numerical control system of medium and top grade machine.To participate in this exhibition pavilion CNC system of enterprise is active domestic nc system, main exhibitors: Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd., guangzhou nc equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing institute of computer Technology and application, dalian koyo Technology group Co., Ltd., dalian’s Numerical Control Technology development center Co., Ltd., shenyang and high precision Numerical Control intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing super synchronous servo Co., Ltd., Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., shandong mountain, Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd., chengdu wide Thai nc equipment Co., Ltd, suzhou huaxin nc Technology development Co., Ltd., etc., total more than 20.On CIMT2017, participating fully demonstrate the numerical control system of enterprise innovation, communication enterprise independent research and development of the latest technology and products, explore the development of the industry trends and direction, detailed understanding and try to satisfy the latest requirements of the user industry.CNC system main pavilion exhibits as space is limited, only in some enterprises exhibition participation situation is briefly introduced, for example.Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. : with car wheel hub type intelligent production line, central China 8 high-grade CNC system, a new generation of cloud nc service platform, Huazhong type 8 intelligent functions and configuration of linear motor high speed and high precision machining center, a variety of products and technologies at this exhibition.Guangzhou nc equipment co., LTD., with independent research and development production of 986 gs grinding CNC system, GSK25iG -h gear machine tool numerical control system (national major projects of scientific and technological achievements), 928 teb CNC system, GSK980TDi CNC system, GSK980MDi drill milling machine CNC system, GR series servo driver, ac servo motor for SJTR robot, a SJT series ac servo motor, SJM series ac servo torque motor products such as appearance CIMT2017, attracted a lot of new and old customers stop to visit.Shenyang high precision numerical control intelligent technology co., LTD. : is exhibiting the nc system, servo drive unit, industrial robot and its control system, digital workshop management system, such as series of CNC products, showing the high precision CNC powerful ability of research and development, production and technical services.Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. : is exhibiting the drilling and tapping center overall solution, the scheme is applied to the 3 c industry more mobile phone shell, auto parts, machining parts, such as processing field.After processing a variety of shapes and parts of both practicality and aesthetics, etc, which requires the control system on the premise of guarantee the machining efficiency provide a good processing effect.To meet the market demand, d macro metal product launch targeted drilling and tapping the center of the overall solution.Configuration of domestic high-grade CNC system of machine tools on display in this exhibition, many machine tool companies exhibited configuration of domestic high-grade CNC system of machine tools.As follows: CNC system configuration huazhong numerical control co., LTD. : the exhibition, there are many exhibitors exhibition in the allocation of huazhong type 8 high-grade CNC system, high-grade CNC machine tools.Qinchuan machine tool group configuration huazhong CNC HNC – 848 system of gantry car milling compound machining center baoji machine tool group configuration huazhong CNC HNC – 818 – a system of drilling and tapping center of huazhong CNC machine tool co., LTD. Shandong southern shantung configuration HNC guangyu – 808 numerical control system of machining center Beijing dacheng nc machine tool co., LTD., the configuration of huazhong nc grinding machine configuration of HNC – 808 system numerical control system of nc equipment co., LTD. Guangzhou: Shanghai billiton brand CNC technology co., LTD. CNC VMC – C20H supporting guangzhou 25 I five-axis linkage CNC system configuration anyang xin sheng machine co., LTD., guangzhou CNC system for turning the tengzhou guangzhou machine tool plant configuration numerical control system of numerical control lathe numerical control system configuration of tianshui spark machine tool co., LTD. Guangzhou and processing unit of the robot configuration koyo technology group co., LTD., dalian CNC system: configuration of dalian koyo system of cape five axis nc car milling compound machining center 1 home-made numerical control technology development trend, information along with the development of manufacturing industry, CNC machine tool is no longer an independent processing units, CNC machine tool and the communication between nc machine tool with people cannot leave the network.Manufacturing automation integration oriented function of network numerical control system should have the function of the exchange information with upper management information system, the exchange of the necessary information including manufacturing plan, numerical control system and the underlying task execution device working condition and fault information, etc.At the same time, based on a new generation of cloud service platform of big data acquisition, data mining is becoming more and more important, these are inseparable from the high speed, reliable network information function.(1) a new generation huazhong CNC numerical control platform of cloud for manufacturing enterprise, machine tool manufacturers, CNC manufacturers to build digital service platform for the center with manufacturing equipment.Leading cloud CNC model provide & other;Stewards cloud, cloud, cloud maintenance intelligent & throughout;Three big functions, complete manufacturing equipment from daily production and maintenance, optimization of whole life cycle management, monitor equipment status and production situation at any time, to enjoy professional, intelligent, safe tracking service.(2) and high precision nc DNC digital workshop management scheme digital workshop management system to improve the workshop network, digital and intelligent level, the system adopts B\/S and C\/S architecture, a networked automatic machining program transmission and management, efficiency of machine tool machining status real-time acquisition and monitoring, and fault statistics and analysis, workshop integrated information management, remote video monitor, etc.System for machine tool operators to provide convenient and quick service at the same time, allows managers to real-time, accurate grasp of the workshop condition in detail, can significantly improve the efficiency of lean production ability and intelligent manufacturing.2, intelligent intelligent is a direction in the development of manufacturing technology, as in computer penetration in the field of artificial intelligence, intelligent CNC system will become the future trend of development.For example: open intelligent CNC system, support, such as temperature, vibration, RFID sensor in the Internet of things platform;Development of intelligent CNC system based on high-level language interpreter;Research based on intelligent open numerical control system of intelligent processing technology, such as intelligent processing path control, adaptive feed rate, fault diagnosis, monitoring and automatic maintenance of equipment, etc.3, robots are widely used in the future the function of the machine is not only limited to simple processing, but also has a certain capacity for independent complete complex tasks.Robot as an important application field of numerical control system, its technology and products to get fast development in recent years.Application field of robot, and not just confined to the traditional handling, stacking, spray paint, welding, such as location, up and down but extends to the machine tool materials, tool change, machining, measurement, polishing and assembly areas, from the traditional hard work, reduce the labor intensity of the development to the IC encapsulation, visual tracking and color sorting, and other fields, greatly improving the efficiency of the nc machine tool.In this exhibition, by number, huazhong CNC, shenyang and high precision robot joints of domestic nc system such as the production enterprise development and integration of all kinds of lathe, machining center processing unit, as well as the automatic production line of truss type manipulator are numerous.4, intelligent manufacture is developing rapidly with rapid rise in cost of Labour, land and other factors, China’s manufacturing low cost competitive advantage continues to weaken, the development of intelligent manufacturing has become an important means to reshape China’s manufacturing industry competitive advantage.Released in 2015, our country “2025” made in China, to establish intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, and in the establishment of the central committee of the communist party of China about the national economy and social development of the 13th five-year plan suggestion “, from the core technology breakthrough, emerging industry development and change of the production mode from three aspects for strategic positioning.In 2016, the top-level design of intelligent manufacturing further perfect in our country, the intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020) “, drawn up and issued “intelligent manufacturing engineering” will be released.Intelligent manufacturing system to promote will be officially launched in our country, continue to conduct 60 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, intelligent manufacture special is expected to continue to apply intelligence to make new pattern comprehensive standardized test support as the key direction.Released in 2017, 98 intelligent manufacturing demonstration project, involved in automobile, electronics, biology, energy, and many other fields, intelligent manufacturing has become the development trend of the equipment manufacturing industry.First domestic cars on display at the huazhong nc wheel intelligent production line (the original title: domestic development trend of numerical control technology from the view of CIMT2017) (source: China’s machine tool industry association CNC system branch)