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   Before generator is to use report to heat, coal heats, goods lights gas to heat, undertake stoving to the rose for example, to the rose in the process dew cannot reclaim however, in order to discharge current means eduction equipment, for nothing caustic lose, can undertake reclaiming now, can make generator increase the biggest change, product quality is higher. As the development of science and technology, of high quality reclaim the water portion in leaf has been a common thing, and wholesome. All urban interest achieve limited company of mechanical science and technology to be broad user to develop the intelligent equipment of high-powered, high income, energy-saving device ceaselessly at present.    Stock drying process is a huge cost can process, according to the 7%-15% of countrywide total specific power consumption is being occupied in statistic, developed country, and thermal efficiency is 25%-50% only, and major drying process is opposite especially heat up quick sex stock (for example food and biology stock) the metropolis is right its colour and lustre, nutrition, gust and constituent generation influence. Technology of hot pump drying has the sources of energy to use up little, environmental pollution is little, stoving quality is high, suitable scope is wide wait for an advantage, its exceedingly good energy-saving effect already was proved by all sorts of domestic and international experiment institutes.    Air of tall tepid pump can the drying of the bedding that dryer group applies to guesthouse hotel, vegetable of sea product, dehydrate, black tremella, melon seeds, earthnut, medlar, desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola, Chinese cynomorium, ginseng, Xianggu mushroom, wait for food, Chinese herbal medicine to taste, things of articles for daily use, industry, everything can heat up all dry stock with insolation of in relief light energy. Still can satisfy in respect of industrial hot water eletroplate the factory eletroplates of the high temperature hot water of factory of the constant temperature of fluid, butcher heat and heat preservation. Of hot water of high temperature of astral class hotel supply the demand with water of industrial business high temperature. This equipment has the following characteristic: 1, can achieve microtherm air sealing gland closed loop is dry. Stock is dry quality is good, pass the operating mode of control equipment, the temperature of hot dry airy of desiccate dry room is spent in 20-80 between, can satisfy great majority the high quality of heat quick stock is dry requirement. A closed loop of dry medium, the magazine that can avoid outside gas to exchange place to may be brought to stock is polluted, this pair of food, medicines and chemical reagents or biological product especially important. In addition, be opposite when stock the oxygen in air is sensitive (easy oxidation or combustion explosion) when, still can use inert medium to replace air to serve as dry medium, implementation does not have oxygen dry. 2, efficient heat energy. Hot pump carbonadoes air can dryer heats airy quantity of heat basically comes from reclaim what contain in the warm moist air of hothouse eduction show heat and latent heat, the energy that needs an input heats up the specific power consumption of pump compressor only, and hot pump has again use up a few the sources of energy to be able to make the advantage that takes a large number of heat source, because this heats up pump dry device SMER (the moisture in depleting wet stock of eliminate of unit energy place) it is 1.0-4.0Kg/KW H normally, and the SMR value of traditional convection desiccator is 0.2-0.6Kg/kwh about. 3, adjusting control of temperature, humidity is convenient. When all having higher demand to having the temperature inside hothouse, humidity when stock (be like lumber) , can pass adjust evaporator, the labour in condenser evaporates character temperature, condensing temperature, contented stock confrontations the requirement of the respect such as compose, exterior. 4, can reclaim in stock useful easy volatilize composition. Certain stock is contained easy volatilize composition (if fragrance and other are easy,volatilize composition) , use heat when pump is dry, inside hothouse, easy volatile part and moisture together aerification enters air, when the air that contains easy volatile part cools through evaporator, volatilize among them easily composition also by aerification, along with condensate together eduction, collect the condensate that contains easy volatile part, use proper method to give depart of useful easy volatile part can. 5, the environment is friendly. Dry medium amid seals hot pump air in able dry device closed loop, dust, volatile without stock material and peculiar smell follow the pollution that dry waste gas is discharged to the environment and brings, the more than heat in the exhaust inside hothouse is reclaimed to heat by hot pump directly cold dry air, right without aircrew the pollution of hot environment. 6, can come true muti_function. The hot pump in dry device also has hot pump at the same time refrigeration function, can be in the season with dry less job, the low temperature that uses refrigeration function to realize a variety of stock is machined (quick-freeze, cold storage) or safe, the function making heat that also can extend hot pump is in cold season cultivate (like conservatory) or farm place heat addition. 7, hot pump air can the applicable stock of dryer is extensive. Use dry stock to basically be able to bear or endure for dry process aptly suffer temperature to spend a kind of big stock between for 20-80. Or although stock can be able to bear or endure,suffer temperature taller, but use hot pump dry more energy-saving or safe stock. Be like,use more stock (lumber) cereal, seminal edible bacterium (dawdle, agaric) medicinal material (the person comes loose, desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola, Chinese cynomorium, medlar) sea product (bright oyster, scallop) biology active goods (cell, enzymatic) , tea, paper. 8, with other low temperature (enter temperature of the air inside hothouse to be less than 40 degrees) dry device (like microwave dry, vacuum dry, freeze-dry) photograph comparing, because small, moving charge invests at the beginning of equipment low, hot pump air can dryer device has apparent economy. Hot pump air is dry the facility cost of device basically is hot pump part and hothouse part, among them hothouse part and requirement of common convection hothouse are identical, mix without special air-tightness bear the requirement that press a gender. 9, with common and dry device (enter hothouse air temperature to be more than 40 degrees) photograph comparing, because hot pump air can invest report of air of general prep above at the beginning of dryer,add shrinkage fitting buy, light gas or coal fired hot-blast stove, because this is dry of device general prep above invests first common and dry device, hot pump air can the energy efficiency of dryer device is tall, moving fare is low sex of its economic integration is in at present the look in domestic existing dryer has clear advantage.  Label: Interest of dryer new technology achieves statement of mechanical science and technology: 1, the article fastens this net editor to reprint, do not represent this website approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity has responsible, textual research. 2, if the article involves its work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this net inside 30 days please, we will be in undertake corresponding processing for a short while! 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