New surveyor’s pole of business of short for Zhejiang Province: Report of hutch of intelligence of 100 million cropland

“2017 year, we are almost mix against time market race. ” is close already in the evening 9 when, inc. of report of hutch of intelligence of 100 million cropland produces Zhejiang in the workshop, all compositive kitchen product line still ” of “ firepower a standard-sized sheet, workers work overtime, be like the order that flies like snowflake in order to answer to coming from countrywide each district. Grew Sun Weiyong to trustee of report of hutch of intelligence of 100 million cropland 2017 for, it is a year when advance at a gallop, the results that is bonus of brand, standard, innovation more year: Compositive kitchen product year the sale answers money increase rate to exceed 80% ; Product market is had rate from 8% rise 12% ; Additional cost improves the product on average 30% ; Harvested 5 pieces of countries to invent patent and Zhejiang of 3 pieces of “ to make … of certificate of ” product certification…Every product sells “ 1000 more”In exhibition hall of house of science and technology of cable of hutch of intelligence of 100 million cropland, the reporter saw a company the box of evaporate of ”——S6 of “ star product 2017 is compositive kitchen. Box of machine of lampblack of this product volume, kitchen burning gas, evaporate at an organic whole, besides modelling elegance beautiful outside, still broke the limit of type of industry fan postposition, use system of fan of type leaving place, the box that it is evaporate vacated ” of large space of 85 litres of “ ; Returned innovation to realize independent add water at the same time, avoided consumer effectively to open the door in cooking process add water by the hidden trouble of vapour scald. “ urges the phone one after another of goods. ” Sun Weiyong says, beyond of his expect is, in March 2017, the 5th acting compositive kitchen of research and development of 3 years of time just rolls out classics of this all previous, received many yuan 5000 order. After appearing on the market formally in August, this product is fast race to control high end is compositive kitchen market, the product demands exceeds supply all the time. “ did two years of kitchen to provide, tell the truth such scene still is done not have really had seen. ”What is successful recipe? Sun Weiyong will end is right high level, high quality hold to. Afterwards became Zhejiang 2016 after compositive kitchen industry creates the company of kitchen utensils and appliances of ” attestation the first times through “ Zhejiang, 2017, 100 million cropland put more energy on the promotion of the burnish of product quality and standard, another tone took Zhejiang of 3 pieces of “ to produce ” attestation letter, these make the compositive kitchen product of ” attestation through “ Zhejiang, among them countries of many outclass of crucial technology index, occupation standard, achieve international advanced level. “ can not look down upon this one small Zhejiang to make ‘ taste ’ word mark, make this mark, we every product can sell 1000 yuan more. ”Those who make Sun Weiyong particularly glad is, in December 2017, report of hutch of intelligence of 100 million cropland shows itself from inside saving many 50 to declare an enterprise completely, enter successfully award of quality of government of Zhejiang province people was awaited 2017 pick list of company of award a prize. “ this holds to own innovation to us namely, promote a product quality hard the biggest approbate with encourage! ”“ is average every product has 8 patent”Only then start the report of hutch of intelligence of 100 million cropland 2003, ever was Sheng city the prevailing in enterprise of numerous kitchen utensils and appliances, basically rely on to foreign big company to stick card acting industry to earn scanty profit. Sun Weiyong takes the lead in applying side to attract a type from 2007 compositive kitchen technology begins, spend 10 years of time, throw 150 million yuan, let 100 million cropland finish from stick a card to the change that achieves a card, more walked out of to make ” arrive from “ “ wisdom the new way that makes ” transition upgrade. “ also does not have other key, the key is innovating at the product, have oneself core technology. ” Sun Weiyong tells a reporter, 2017, 100 million cropland throw many yuan of 3000 capital to be used at new product research and development, one year behead obtained 5 countries “ to invent patent ” , all sorts of practical and new-style patent are countless more. “ now we every compositive kitchen, have 8 patent on average. ” Sun Weiyong is proud all the more to this. Sun Weiyong says, 2017 second half of the year, 100 million cropland still combine expert of depart of Wu Kelan lampblack, the key solves the problem with detached lampblack. “ next, we still will combine college of Zhejiang grain industry to wait for lampblack of research and development of deepness of platform of collaboration of school look forward to to purify a technology, to eduction the lampblack outdoor undertakes be depuratived thoroughly decomposing again, implementation kitchen lampblack manages without harm, make true smokeless and harmless kitchen. ”Be worth what carry is, feburary 2017, the kitchen of report of hutch of intelligence of 100 million cropland detects center (lab) through Chinese qualification assess country approves committee (CNAS) approval is approbated, obtained “ state laboratory to approbate book ” , become compositive kitchen industry to detect the national level lab with the most all ready project. Be about to end when interviewing, sun Weiyong is special circuit turned in the wisdom plant that brings a reporter to be being built. This invests 150 million yuan, gross area in the new factory building of 40 thousand much square metre, be pregnant with is worn the hope that tomorrow of report of hutch of intelligence of 100 million cropland grows, the key that will become report of hutch of intelligence of 100 million cropland to realize the core product intelligence such as compositive kitchen to turn production in the round sends one of force drops. “ predicts to trial production can come true in year 2018, annual can achieve 300 thousand yield can dimensions, sale hopeful breaks up one time again. ” Sun Weiyong says. As the whole nation exclusive national standardization reforms pilot province integratedly, came 2017, zhejiang province implements standardization strategy adamantinely, sex of structure of side of supply of with a view to is reformed, the oldest rate releases “ to standardize + ” is voice, new to new technology, new job catalytic effect of the industry, lead high quality development with high level. Making “ Zhejiang create ” district especially in the process of communal brand, complete province proprietor of an enterprise uses top-ranking to mark world level, accelerate a standard to carry archives to upgrade, “ tastes word mark Zhejiang to make ” become the pronoun of product of high quality high level increasingly. Up to now, complete province already accumulative total releases “ Zhejiang to make ” product standard 294, reach world advanced level entirely, equipment of high end of 60% above focusing and consumable, introduce international materiality of famous standardization orgnaization is participated in establish a standard 53. Label: Report of hutch of intelligence of 100 million cropland is compositive kitchen statement: 1, the article fastens this net editor to reprint, do not represent this website approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity has responsible, textual research. 2, if the article involves its work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this net inside 30 days please, we will be in undertake corresponding processing for a short while! [return list | Join collect | Print this page] annual solicits contributinos / information cooperates: