Liquor experience ” red ” before the road is boundless

A few days ago, inc. of brewery of Jiangsu foreign river (” of foreign river of “ of the following abbreviation) with 66 million dollar (add up to 430 million yuan of RMBs about) buy Chile the share of group of the 2nd old wine and exporter VSPT12.5% . Before this, company of much home liquor has activity early in entrance wine market. Fluid of liquor tycoon Maotai, 5 grain mixed 2002 early or late entered wine market early or late 2004. But through old position, wine business contributes weakness to enterprise whole outstanding achievement. The personage inside course of study points out, market of wine of liquor company position, should serve to make group of world-class wine trade, is not the integral profit that product of bishop of bureau be confined to brings to the enterprise. Liquor crosses a bound to invest bishop   a few days ago, foreign river invests 66 million dollar (add up to a RMB about 430 million yuan) buy Chile the share of group of the 2nd old wine and exporter VSPT 12.5% . It is reported, foreign river marched 2012 wine industry, rolled out wine business formally 2013, with Boerduo sun group cooperates during, with Chile Kenuosu, VSPT maintains collaboration all the time. In fact, liquor industry is opposite early wine market undertakes the bound invests crossing. It is with liquor tycoon Maotai exemple, maotai group established Guizhou Maotai brewery 2002 (group) Chang Li wine line of business limited company, this company is accused by Maotai group and Heibei prosperous goosefoot establish. Through development of ten years, maotai is subordinate besides have homebred Maotai wine besides, maotai still bought place of business of wine of much sea horse of French wave Er 2013. After close therewith, group of 5 grain fluid also established limited company of bishop of 5 grain fluid 2004, bishop of entrance of rare accept ” is in the “ Lu Yiai that 5 grain fluid developed 2016 Yichang area takes the lead in appearing on the market. Try water to did not see improvement   shows according to data for years, whole of entrance of bishop of before 2017 3 quarters is carried steadily fast, entrance gross makes an appointment with 551 million litres, entrance forehead makes an appointment with 2.001 billion yuan, the amount grows 18.62% compared to the same period, amount grows 13.01% compared to the same period. 91.4% what import bottled bishop to occupy bishop to import amount among them, entrance gross is 406 million litres about, grow 14.62% compared to the same period; Amount is 1.834 billion dollar about, grow 10.59% compared to the same period. In fact, chinese wine market already by home a few old famous brands hold major share, and consumer more the preference imports wine, market of wine of liquor company sortie, share very hard again a cup of a thick soup. The field is popularized in the product, the series of Wang Zhe face that foreign river rolls out and star are gotten this series bishop, sale channel of liquor of have the aid of undertakes selling, banner of quick win initial success leaves market of focusing company dominant position bishop is famous degree, basically have position in the light of big client and channel of core of big public house. Under photograph comparing, bishop of rare offer series chooses the Lu Yiai that 5 grain fluid appeared on the market 2016 however different kind, relying on operation business is wine of Lin Guo of celestial being of group of 5 grain fluid finite liability him company distribute network, is not the alcohol agency channel of tradition of 5 grain fluid. Li Xin of bishop sale expert is new express, as a result of the iteration of consumer, the ” after the ” after “90 and “00 will become consumptive main force, liquor will exit arena gradually, those who replace is bishop was on daily table. Because consumer chooses to show diversity to vinous, consumer more apt tries to differ the wine that produces area, country. According to at present the bishop product battalion of liquor company closes to look, return what cannot say to be ” of “ wine business temporarily. ” of Qian Jing of white rubescent “ wheres   faces such dilemma, liquor company also sends force at improving bishop product famous degree, the series product with new development. Last year May, foreign river and Chile manna group cooperate, roll out a star to get this ·1520 series and tree cane series are tasted newly, focusing business affairs and to bishop character and sex valence comparing exists to tell the customer that seek certainly, enclothe 100-400 yuan price, product of other main force is located in 100-300 surely yuan, satisfy most consumer demand. In addition, maotai bishop was made in August 2016 brand-new figure, use new product LOGO, enabled mascot phoenix angel. At the same time Maotai bishop also rolls out new product in succession, build a market the impression to the brand. But the expert inside course of study points out, the bishop product below division of most liquor company still is to lack fist product, need is established in consumer heart exclusive brand image. In the meantime, although enterprise overseas bought wine place of business, but their target points to home. It is very easy that the enterprise is bought in upper reaches, but the bishop after be being bought appeared slow-moving, it is low sale even, most bishop product is pressed on agency hand. Li Xin is new express, from the point of strategic height, use the resource advantage of oneself and capital dominant position, striding to group of world-class wine trade is hasten of general trends place. With abroad bishop look forward to cooperates or undertake buying the first pace that is trend world, if want,go up in international wine market however base oneself upon, from the point of industry point of view, collaboration and bought object appear particularly important, international is famous turning old brand is best choice. However what domestic liquor company pays close attention to more at present is, how much is the profit that bishop product can bring for the enterprise, should the scan widely long-term development at the world and enterprise. 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