The ministry organized the national pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing experience exchange TV conference call

On November 24, ministry of equipment department organization held a national teleconference on intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration experience exchange.The meeting by the ministry of equipment department, li dong officiated at xin guobin, vice minister to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.Shenyang siasun, Beijing Oriental six productive enterprises in intelligent manufacturing exploration respectively and the progress of the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, successful experience and the demonstration significance to communicate.Ministry of industry and the relevant departments, Beijing via letter committee, the relevant industry associations and alliance, the central enterprise group in Beijing and related enterprise of Beijing city, part of the pilot demonstration enterprises, intelligent manufacturing experts, representatives of the news media and so on more than 100 people took part in the main conference in Beijing.The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, cities under separate state planning at the venue, all around the ministry departments responsible comrades, pilot demonstration enterprises, relevant enterprises on behalf of more than 1700 people attended the breakout session.Xin guobin, vice minister in his speech, first summarizes the nearly three years intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration special accomplishments.He points out that under the joint efforts of all aspects, intelligent manufacture propulsion system basic formation, the core equipment supply capacity continues to strengthen, integration services ability to continuously improve, basic support ability continuously strengthened, the new model marked achievements were scored in the popularization and application.The ministry has selected identified 206 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, including industrial application project 28 Internet innovation, gradually expand the pilot demonstration of the industry and area, has covered 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), 82, at the enterprise efficiency, authors reduce consumption and improve the core competitiveness has played a positive role, strong support and promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.Xin guobin, stressed that intelligent manufacturing is a constantly explore, iterative process.In the process of exploration, we must adhere to the international experience and combining with Chinese characteristics, combining government guidance and market leading, the all-round development intelligence, the combination of industry transformation and industry differences and the combination of core ability to ascend, the next step work focus on the following aspects: one is to strengthen the policy support, to promote the further development of pilot projects;The second standard is to take the first step, and constantly enhance the capacity of intelligent manufacturing support, the ministry plans to release next year of intelligent manufacturing standard system construction of the national guide, 2018), and will need to formulate a number of industry intelligent transformation basic commonality and key technical standards, gradually improve the intelligent manufacturing standards system;Three is to strengthen the mechanism innovation, and actively cultivate intelligent manufacturing ecological system;Four is to increase the propaganda, promote can copy the experience mode of popularization and application.Around the xin guobin, the departments of ministry and ministry of industry and related departments to continue to do coordination, strengthen the guidance and supervision of the pilot work, industry association, the state-owned enterprises group should give full play to the subjective initiative, active to undertake the advance of industry, the group of intelligent manufacturing tasks.He wants around, industries, each group of companies at different levels, by various ways and channels, strengthen the intelligent manufacturing experience exchanges and promote the new mode, with solid effective efforts, promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in depth, to expedite the construction of manufacturing power, speed up the construction of modern economic system to make new greater contributions.For a long time, China’s machine tool industry association as the national industry organization, actively cooperate with relevant government departments to promote intelligent manufacturing implementation and implementation of the pilot demonstration projects, the implementation of the pilot demonstration enterprises pay close attention to the progress and give strong support, at the same time to strengthen the propaganda and promotion of related work.(the original title: the ministry organized national teleconference on intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration experience exchange) (source: China machine tool industry association)