Sola Ruth, milling, boring and turning under the digital environment application forward thinking

Driven by innovation and experience accumulated in the past 55 years, sola Ruth (SORALUCE) to become a global leader in milling, boring and turning technology.Put innovation at the forefront, sola Lou stone too many technical leading machine tool industry.We live in a constant change of the world, a world in which requires excellent.Greater capacity, higher precision, higher efficiency, enhance performance, user friendly, human body engineering, safety, and cost-effective, at the same time to reduce the takt time, downtime, energy consumption and emissions.These requirements are important to sora Ruth.Sola Ruth, milling, boring and turning under the digital environment abide by commitment to technology application of forward thinking, Ruth is one of the best partners, to provide you with excellent service and professional advice.Through continuous innovation, the technology to the limit, and provide reliable solutions and various high value-added services.In Ruth, innovation is not a simple idea, but truly on products and projects, thus established the milling, boring and turning the application of new standards.The pursuit of digital & ndash;Digital is the future application in the processing of new digital pattern making, machine tools and machining process of interaction between easier.Sola Ruth, machine tools and its plan to rise to a new level, competitive, and full of high value-added services, in order to improve the feasibility of the plan and production capacity.Sola Ruth digital reflected in four aspects: advanced man-machine interface, intelligent components, data system and control system.Data system through relevant hardware and combined with large data, and the application of cloud computing technology, sola Ruth data system aimed at machine data driven analysis tool, from the machine to produce data to extract valuable information, at the same time to monitor the machine condition, ensure the processing properties of as high as possible.Advanced man-machine interface sola Ruth has developed a set of human-machine interface based on Hyde han TNC 640 applications, through the hotkey, customized dynamic collision monitoring and diagnostic tools, processing cycle, advanced management tools, presents the friendly user interface.The pursuit of innovation & ndash;DAS + release in 2015 of EMO show, sola Ruth shows the world its innovative DAS patent system (dynamic active stabilizer).DAS system real-time enhances the dynamic stiffness of machine and improve cutting performance is as high as 300%.So reducing the process caused by the regeneration effect of traditional flutter.As a new generation of DAS system, DAS + added new function and emo show starting in 2017, including vibration level monitoring, flutter test, a new spindle speed regulating function.The pursuit of technology & ndash;Automation, multitasking and automation solutions for large workpiece sola Ruth offers a variety of automation solutions, from simple integrated into the single machine single tray system, CNC system to complex contains multiple devices by industrial computer management and integration of the workpiece and cutting tool supply system of the flexible manufacturing cell.Multitasking solution sola Ruth multi-purpose machine is most suitable for machining technology of complex workpiece, a clamping complete milling and turning.Through the design of the turning attachment head, workbench and customized processing procedures, as well as special multifunctional attachment head, sola Ruth, provides a set of implementation scheme to expand machine USES and processing capacity.In addition, the sola Ruth in long EMO 2017 exhibition will launch a smart chip solution, so that it can be easy to discharge, and thus to minimize downtime and to ensure continuous production.Large workpiece solution new sola Ruth PXG – W is a gantry multi-function machine, large size and with high accuracy and versatility.Machine tool working space is as high as 1000 cubic meters, weighing 500 tons.Sola Ruth PXG -w machine tools to perform a clamping milling and turning machining, so the production efficiency is extremely high.When large technology complex workpieces, can bring the highest returns for the customer, can carry on the processing of various shape and size of the workpiece.Machine tools used in large areas of pioneering new technologies and solutions, such as vertical ram balance system (VRB), workbench balance system (TBS) and sola Ruth thermal compensation algorithm of the latest development.The pursuit of customized & ndash;For clients to bring new competitive new products, services and solutions, confirm the sola Ruth, close to the customer pledge.Technology is always in the target solution first, and constantly adjust to meet the needs of each customer.Rich products, solutions and services, making the sola Ruth can provide to filling machines all the products (turn-key project).By cutting technology of extremely rich experience team of engineers to provide professional consulting, evaluation of customer production and processing technology, provide the optimal solution, in order to improve performance, improve the takt time, increase production capacity\/efficiency\/profit margins, etc.Ruth, set a new standard for milling, boring and turning sola Ruth is a worldwide leader milling, boring and turning technology.55 years, constantly blaze new trails, in the field of machine tool related technology has become the industry standard.Customer recognition sola Ruth in milling, boring and turning scheme on professionalism, also requires us to aggressive towards increase efficiency and productivity for the customer, customer also approved sola Ruth, technical ability, can demand customized for each product based on the case, at the same time provide turn-key projects, according to the buyer at the request of the quality, efficiency and cost, design and configuration of a complete production line.Ruth brand has a lot of experience, equipment sold more than 2500 units, almost a half for the German customers to buy.For many years also show that 80% of customers will choose to buy again sola Ruth machine tools.Sola Ruth to bart group, the group is also one of the leading European enterprises of mundra gong machine tool group co., LTD.We have nine top manufacturing plants, distribution in Spain, Germany, Britain and the United States, has a centre of excellence in Germany – BIMATEC SORALUCE;At the same time have their own research and development center, including 120 engineers and 24 bits, PhD, has over 30 years of successful operations.Dano bart group can provide the most competitive for market and comprehensive technical feasible scheme.(the original title: sola Ruth, milling, boring and turning under the digital environment application of forward thinking) (source: dano bart)