Sanhuan in-depth communication within the group and industry hot topics

Tri-ring group co., LTD has held 2018 equipment management and the core equipment manufacturers communication meeting, 12 cars and auto parts manufacturing enterprise group, on behalf of the industry, five well-known experts, more than 50 core equipment manufacturers on behalf of a total of 133 people attended the conference.Assembly by hubei three-ring complete industrial co., LTD., chairman of Mr Zhang, tri-ring group co., LTD. General manager Mr MeiHanSheng delivered a speech.9 guests have been invited to deliver a speech, content involves extensive.In view of the current manufacturing industry wide attention topic of intelligent manufacturing, e – works Dr Digital network CEO, huazhong university of science and technology enterprise Huang Pei share the topic & other;Intelligent manufacturing frontier trend & throughout;Report, pointed out that developed countries & other;One hundred – year – old & throughout;Pragmatic propulsion intelligent manufacturing, made in China 2025 is already not I stay stage, and put forward the professional advice on how to realize intelligent manufacturing.The relevant technology of the automobile industry, process and key content of the speech.China machinery industry group machine casting machinery co., LTD., an assistant to the general manager\/senior engineer Li Laisheng lecture on the topic of & other;Auto parts casting new technology, new technology & throughout;, this paper introduces the current international advanced green casting equipment and the latest technology.Shanghai electrical and mechanical school painting academy of Chen jian, dean of the lecture on the topic of & other;Auto parts & coating technology and the latest development trend throughout;At home and abroad, enumerates the advanced cases, especially introduces the application of green environmental protection requirements under the latest technology, and predict the future development direction of Chinese coating industry.In addition, huazhong university of science and technology institute of materials & s.consistent professor introduced otherThe development of die forging technology and its equipment & throughout;Professor, China mechanical engineering society maintenance branch secretary-general Yang Shenzhong tells the story of & other;Modern equipment engineering & ndash;& ndash;TMP system management & throughout;, Germany wear industrial (China) company director Mr FlorianGruss, Germany fox lubricant (China) company mister Fan Xinchun German industrial equipment outsourcing services and industrial lubrication technology made a speech.Hubei three-ring forging co., LTD. All equipment minister Mr Zhou Ming made & other;Third ring forging equipment management process, and the future outlook & throughout;Theme report, hubei three-ring complete industrial co., LTD., chairman of Mr Zhang speech topic for & other;Read & lsquo;E maintenance & rsquo;Throughout the &;.In group discussions, enterprise representatives and core equipment manufacturers around the cold working process, thermal processing equipment respectively security system subject to carry on the positive interaction, raise the difficulty, want to countermeasures, to eliminate the confusion existed in the equipment management.(the original title: sanhuan in-depth communication within the group and industry hot topics) (source: tri-ring group)