Huazhong CNC: miniature industrial manufacturing power of vocational education

At the end of August of hangzhou will & other;Heaven on earth & throughout;The reputation of interpretation to get incisively and vividly, just meet, from Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., ltd. and hangzhou vocational and technical college to undertake the brics skills development and technology innovation contest of intelligent manufacturing line operation and maintenance skills contest the final on August 24 to 25, was successfully held in hangzhou vocational and technical college, and was held on August 26, the brics skills development and technology innovation contest the closing ceremony.Contestant is focusing on robot debugging and the scene of the workpiece processing into the intelligent manufacturing skills contest, tense and fierce, although arena heat makes people sweat, but also failed to prevent from the bric countries of international and domestic total of 50 vocational colleges teams participating enthusiasm, the disciplines to the criteria of international professional ability which set up the competition content, with real operation result and reply result calculated in proportion to the strict match results, 15 contestants in the final five teams competing with excellent performance and good performance to stand out, won the first prize, also harvested from huazhong nc post admission letter of intent, this not only embodies the attitude of huazhong nc are thirsty, more add colour of these elite athletes in the future career.The intelligent manufacturing skills contest with huazhong CNC development & otherHNC – iFactory – m1r1 intelligent manufacturing practice platform & throughout;As a competition platform, is mainly composed of independent research and development of huazhong CNC & other;TV robot & throughout;, configuration, the central China HNC – 818 – a numerical control system of high speed drilling and tapping the seventh shaft center, digital bin, robot and other hardware devices and the cloud CNC large data such as software platform, the platform is a blend of numerical control technology, cloud numerical control, robots, RFID, MES, online detection technology.Players must be completed on the platform, including debugging and application of the RFID system (including the seventh shaft), robot programming and debugging, production line equipment operation and maintenance, large data collection and process optimization, the custom of the individualized product processing, such as eight professional ability index evaluation six tasks.In this game & other;Big data acquisition and process optimization & throughout;Games, athletes are required to complete the first specimen of automatic measurement and process optimization of related parameters, acquisition parameters, and set up the cutter compensation by related software data collection to the general control unit of production line and synchronized to the big data platform, using relevant software, process optimization, set up the relevant parameters, complete the second specimen of automatic processing, which is applied to huazhong CNC system & other;Process parameters of intelligent optimization method based on large data analysis & throughout;.Configured with huazhong HNC – 818 – a numerical control system of huazhong CNC high speed drilling and tapping center independent research and development of a new generation of cloud service platform is the collection of things, big data and cloud numerical control technology application service platform, the location of the platform through the acquisition of CNC system, current, temperature, torque, vibration, follow error, sound, graphics, video and so on big data;Big data distributed storage management;Application of large data analysis intelligent algorithms such as feature extraction, depth to develop ability of nc machine tools.So as to improve the management efficiency of nc machine tools, machining efficiency and machining quality, and guarantee the healthy work of machine tools.Huazhong type 8 systems and industrial comprehensive docking of the Internet platform, make the nc system is not only a tool machine controller, at the same time as factory information network of a node.Huazhong CNC CNC service platform of a new generation of cloud, can realize bidirectional data interaction between different factory workshop and equipment, can provide users with different levels and the size of the products and services, such as product leasing, customization, etc.Relying on central China 8 type numerical control system of intelligent terminal, with cloud nc data service platform, to build an integrated industrial chain resources, efficient allocation of factors of production industry ecological system, online to disruptive changes in the traditional mode of production and consumption patterns.It is based on this, a winning player after the game said: & other;The intelligent manufacturing overall consistency of practice training platform is very good, and the operation is simple and convenient, very easy to get started.Throughout the &;In fact, intelligent manufacture of the digital and Internet of things and intelligent are reflected in the competition, although not in constant temperature processing conditions, for example, but can through the software of the temperature compensation, realize high precision processing;Through TV robot and RFID can easily put the NCM and nonconforming orderly in digital bin & hellip;& hellip;HNC – iFactory – m1r1 intelligent manufacturing practice platform is huazhong numerical control in the industrial application of miniature version, let the contestant feel current practices on the forefront of intelligent manufacturing applications, intelligent manufacture contest the director deng three professor peng said: & other;The platform contains all the elements of industrial manufacturing, match the actual production of the enterprise, in line with the requirements of cultivating talents in college, and believe that this set of equipment will lead to the teaching reform of vocational colleges.Throughout the &;In fact, the contribution of huazhong numerical control in vocational education and advantages has been widely recognized, the many teachers huazhong CNC attaches great importance to cooperation between colleges and also pay more attention to the training of teachers and students, timely provide conforms to the development trend of the current industry application platform.In addition, lead the students to participate in intelligent manufacturing competition, is also one of huazhong nc intelligent manufacturing strategic partner colleges and universities of ningxia vocational and technical college, vice President of the institute of industrial engineering professor Wu Yuning said: & other;The competition is conducive to students’ comprehensive ability and team cooperation consciousness and the improvement of learning enthusiasm, thus to promote the purpose of teaching, in order to promote learning.Throughout the &;TV robot actually, huazhong CNC as early as several years ago for the research of the robot control technology, as a minority in the robot domestic core key components (control system, servo drives, motors, etc.) with completely independent intellectual property rights of robot production enterprises, with strong production and research and development of the technology advantage, products have been applied to the handling, welding, material, coating and other fields, at the same time in the robot automatic production line with successful experience in production line project construction and integration, comprehensive strength in the domestic front.Huazhong CNC has been fruitful results in the field of industrial robots, robot, six axis robot, at present has formed truss four axis robot three series robot various types of industrial robots, mass production and batch in the nationwide market applications.In autonomous robot in practical operation test and market feedback information, robot ontology are up to the good quality standard.Intelligent manufacturing skills contest was one of the disciplines of the brics series, combined with the current international advanced vocational education concept, the competition to promote the vocational colleges of intelligent manufacturing professional construction and talent cultivation of the direction of the guide, at the same time which laid a foundation for building intelligent manufacturing world skills contest.And contest of the brics is in China’s foreign ministry, the ministry of education, under the guidance of the ministry of industry and information technology, sponsored by the business council for the brics international comprehensive skills contest, the event is in China in 2017 as the brics rotating presidency of the important achievements, its aim is to promote the development of the brics skills and technical communication work, the implementation of the brics countries related to the talent development cooperation memorandum signed related spirit, build area all the way and the brics countries vocational skills development, engineering ability and intelligent technology innovation platform for the talents of international cooperation.(the original title: miniature industrial manufacturing power vocational education) (source: industrial online)