Hengwei machinery DHV965 series: innovative design To make the wheel hub process more simple

In ningbo show ended, there is a machine tool company gained numerous attention, it is ningbo heng machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: hengwei machinery).Hengwei machinery belonging to zhejiang hengwei group, is one specialized is engaged in mechanical and electrical integration of product research and development, production, sales and service of innovative companies.This exhibition, heng mechanical jolt, together with many processing center product stunning appearance, and most especially to DHV965 series.Today, small make up for all the mysteries of the DHV965 hengwei machinery series.Hengwei machinery DHV965 DHV965 series is hengwei DHV gantry high-speed milling under categories, in order to adapt to high strength aluminum alloy wheel hub processing and development of special equipment.DHV965 series will be divided into DHV965 – A1, DHV965 – A2, DHV965 – B1, DHV965 – B2 four product.The four product in processing on the range, and the size of the spindle, machine tool, and equipped with special and fine adjustment, greatly satisfy the needs of wheel for processing.As a window of aluminium alloy wheel hub processing of special equipment, DHV965 series targeted stronger, realize the innovation in many aspects.Design: unique hengwei machinery DHV965 series as a whole structure of mechanical and electrical integration, using the 3 d design software to optimize design, lathe bed structure more reasonable, more rigid, more excellent machining performance.Three axis adopt Taiwan brand C3 level of ball screw, both ends of preloaded processing precision loss is reduced greatly.In order to meet the demand of large processing, DHV965 series by design improvements, equipped with 1000 & times;700 mm large workbench, also can add four axis or five axis nc rotary table, let the wheel processing more convenient.In addition, the application of high strength and high quality cast iron and aging treatment technology has also made DHV965 hengwei machinery series a more excellent performance in the machining process of aluminium alloy wheel hub.Processing: professional custom DHV965 hengwei machinery series of fixture, tool implements the customization.On the basis of the standard, special equipped with DHV965 series can also be added.Including DHV965 – A1 special fixture can be equipped with car milling, DHV965 – A2 special fixture can be equipped with the bus wheel PVD hole, ventilation, DHV965 – B1 can be equipped with the bus round special fixture, DHV965 – B2 special fixture can be equipped with the bus wheel.Make the production more follow professional customized service.Be worth what carry is, five-axis machine DHV965 – B2 combination of two lathe production line with high efficiency, easy to meet the processing requirements of various kinds of wheel hub.Fanuc system and imported key parts in this series of production equipment of more stability.Production: the high quality of hengwei machinery DHV965 series is the aluminum alloy wheel hub processing machine, specific design make it more outstanding performance in the processing.Such as chip design, according to the need of metal processing, DHV965 series trash ability is stronger, more efficient.On the whole machine design, according to the characteristics of the wheel processing DHV965 series adopted a stronger electromechanical integration design, the guarantee machining stability and greatly improve the machining accuracy.Machine tool quality or not reflected in the details, DHV965 series in every details of the pursuit of excellence, and corresponding design, make it better performance in the aluminum alloy wheel hub processing production.Hengwei machinery DHV965 series from development to design, from production to sales, hengwei machinery products each show originality.DHV965 series is hengwei machinery and progress on the special production.After DHV965 series, hengwei machinery will also develop more targeted products, let more customers enjoy the high quality machine tool service.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)